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An Apple A Day Could Save Your Life

An apple a day could save thousands of lives By Amanda Woerner Published December 18, It turns out that eating an apple a day actually might keep the doctor away – and could potentially save thousands of lives too. In a study published in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal (BMJ),

What are the best Core Exercises?

What are the core muscles? The muscles of the core run the length of the trunk and torso. The following list includes the most commonly identified core muscles as well as the lesser known groups. Rectus Abdominis – located along the front of the abdomen, this is the most well-known abdominal muscle

What is the Salary of a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer Salary Info Before you decide become a Certified Personal Trainer you may be interested to know how much money the average personal trainer can earn. There are a variety of variables that can influence this: location, level of experience, job specifications, level of education and number & variety of

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Personal Trainer Jobs Up By 24%

In a recent article by CNN, there are over 251,400 certified personal trainers currently working in the United States, the industry is known as a highly competitive environment. A recent report by CNN Money states personal training will become even more competitive in the next 10 years, as the number of

Why Health Professional’s Nutrition Advice May Be Wrong

Is the nutrition advice your are getting from your health professional wrong? Posted on December 13, 2013 by Stone Hearth News Many dieters eventually end up weight cycling (yo-yo dieting) or overweight. This paradox may partly be explained by a chemical response to a disturbance in weight homeostasis, which happens when hunger

Fatty Acids Crucial to Embryonic Development

Fatty acids are crucial to embryonic development Posted on December 12, 2013 by Stone Hearth News Baltimore, MD— One classical question in developmental biology is how different tissue types arise in the correct position of the developing embryo. While one signaling pathway that controls this process has been well described, unexpected findings

Top Fitness Trends 2014

ACSM Prediction of the Top Fitness Trends 2014 The eighth annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends was recently released by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a prediction of the top 20 fitness trends for 2014. Fitness industry trends are a reflection of the current needs and expectations of

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Reduced Cognitive Decline Published in November, 2013 issue of Natural Standard’s Integrative Medicine Newsletter Shared here with permission of Natural Standards Research Collaboration ©2013 A recent study suggests that people who consistently adhere to a Mediterranean diet may have a reduced risk for

Get Kids Excited to Exercise

With so many distractions for kids not to exercise, from video games to computers and the fattening of America taking place at an ever increasing pace, kids are more unfit than any other time in our history. In major studies during the last ten years, children from the ages of six

Gluten-Free Immune Booster Soup

Immune Booster Holiday Soup (Gluten-Free) Melissa McLean Jory, MNT Here it comes — the on-rushing freight train of holiday cheer. Parties, shopping, family gatherings, cake, cookies, candies, eggnog, overeating. Stress! One thing leads to another and as the holidays approach, we eat more sweets, drink more wine, sleep less, skip yoga class, and