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At AFPA, we take your success personally. By providing unlimited support throughout the certification process, we’ve earned thousands of 5-star reviews from over 130,000 graduates (and counting) Explore these student experiences now.

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Savanna Sunny Strauss AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

Savanna Strauss

AFPA Holistic Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Coach

“Becoming certified with AFPA has impacted my life in many ways. I have learned how to be a better coach for others and myself! I have been able to strengthen many relationships by having an education in health and nutrition and have been able to better my own lifestyle.”

Dazy Gallegos

AFPA Holistic Nutritionist

“The main thing I absolutely loved about this course was that it was completely self-paced, so I was able to do everything on my own schedule in just under 6 months. The other thing that I absolutely loved is that it really covered all aspects of holistic health (known as the 7 dimensions of wellness)—from physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual, occupational, social, and intellectual wellness.”

Stephanie Genco

Stephanie Genco

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

“Becoming certified with AFPA has given me the knowledge and confidence to take my life down a completely new path. It was the catalyst for starting my businesses and beginning a coaching journey. It still amazes me almost every day that my job is to literally help people live a healthier, happier life. In addition, the way my own habits have improved continues to impact my well-being. ”

Emily Hudak Whole with Emily

Emily Hudak

AFPA Holistic Health Coach

“Becoming certified with AFPA has completely changed my life! I could never imagine that I would be where I am now when I completed my certification! I feel so lucky to wake up every day with the opportunity to impact others physically and mentally by sharing my passion with them. It truly is a dream come true.”

Amilia Brady

AFPA Holistic Nutritionist

“I searched left and right for something that was accredited, affordable, and was really extensive. I found AFPA, which checked all those boxes and then some. I loved that they have been around for [so long]. It was great that the certification was flexible and I could still homeschool my kids while studying.”

Tyler Kalisiak

AFPA Sports Nutritionist

“What I loved most about getting certified with AFPA is that it really opened the opportunities for my long career, and it gave me direction.”

Andrew Schuth

AFPA Personal Trainer

“I looked at a lot of certifications out there. You name it, I’ve looked at it, but AFPA stood out to me. They’re out-of-the-box thinkers and so am I. The certification process was fairly easy, it was very effective, and fun to learn.”

Harvey Slater

AFPA Holistic Nutritionist, AFPA Weight Management Specialist

“The price of the certification and the length of time required is really achievable. It was very easy to digest and I like the way the certificatications are modular, so I was able to build on my first certification.”

Raven Harrington

AFPA Holistic Nutritionist

“AFPA feels like more of a family. I can always email or reach out if I have any questions and I get a response immediately. It’s a very caring organization. I’ve been certified with other organizations and that’s not always the case.”

Lauren Rasky

AFPA Holistic Health Coach

“The certification program changed everything in my overall life. It changed how I ate, my health, and how I help other people. It also changed my career in the health space. I liked that the information presented had studies and actually showed you the research as it was teaching you things.”

Allison Wells

AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

“Working with an accredited organization like AFPA has been really beneficial for me. It gives me a leg up on my colleagues because they might know a lot about nutrition, but don’t have the certification behind that. When you’re actually certified, it opens up a lot of doors and opportunities. Once I became certified with AFPA, I was pretty much immediately hired, which helped me get my name out there.”

Heather Binns

AFPA Multiple Sclerosis Fitness & Wellness Specialist

“Adding on the Multiple Sclerosis Fitness & Wellness Specialist certification allowed me to gain a new type of clientele. It’s wonderful to be able to impact people’s lives that have MS and to be able to help feel better and live better every single day.”

Candace Bell

AFPA Holistic Nutritionist

“The way my life has changed after getting the certification is like a complete 180, honestly. I definitely could not have counseled people the way I do now without AFPA. I was surprised the most when I just realized really how much I was learning. I knew I was going to learn a lot, and that there were so many different curriculum topics, but at the end of it, I learned even so much more than I expected.”

Brett Bennett

AFPA Master Nutrition Consultant

“AFPA instantly gives you credibility and is super well respected in the industry. Clients know that if you have that certification, that they’re getting credible, reliable information. I also chose AFPA because of the course structure. With the courses, you get to make your own schedule and it’s perfect for anyone who may have another job, is going to school, or has a family.”

Doron Willies

AFPA Nutrition Professional

“The reason I chose AFPA is because of the recognition that they have worldwide, designed by experts in their fields, so I felt very comfortable choosing them. The certification has been very beneficial in my career. I’m now able to attract more clients because of the certification behind my name.”

With over 1900+ 5 star reviews, AFPA continues to produce countless satisfied graduates into successful health, nutrition and fitness professionals. Here’s what they have to say…


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