Autoimmune and Gut Health Bundle



The ultimate package to help you become an expert in autoimmune holistic nutrition and gut health. 100% Online | Self-Paced

Includes the Following Courses:

  • Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification
  • Gut Health Nutrition Specialist Certificate
  • Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods: Nutrition, Gut Health, and the Brain

Your Path to Becoming an Autoimmune and Gut Health Nutrition Expert

Specialize your nutrition career or learn how to support your personal health with this limited-time autoimmune bundle.

The 3 online, self-study courses in this exclusive package will equip you to help clients with autoimmune conditions and guide clients toward optimal digestive wellness.

  • Support clients with digestive issues or autoimmune conditions, including IBS, SIBO, Celiac disease, or Crohn’s.
  • Boost your earning potential by specializing in autoimmune and gut health.
  • Maximize your health and well-being with the most up-to-date nutrition science and holistic health research.
  • Save big with this limited-time offer!
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Courses Included

autoimmune holistic nutrition specialist

Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Gain a thorough understanding of autoimmune holistic wellness with this certification 


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Gut Health Nutrition Specialist

Become a gut health expert with this certificate of specialty

Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods: Nutrition, Gut Health, and the Brain CEC

Probiotic & Prebiotic Foods: Nutrition, Gut Health, and the Brain

Gain 6 AFPA Continuing Education Credits  

The Most Comprehensive Holistic Curriculum in a Dynamic Learning Platform

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Up-to-Date Curriculum

Features the latest research on autoimmune nutrition, holistic wellness, and gut health

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Handouts & Real-Life Tools

Download and refer to 45 helpful nutrition and lifestyle resources

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Engaging Learning Methodologies

Interactive activities allow you to test and improve your knowledge and coaching abilities

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Role-Play Activities

Discover how to apply your learnings to real-life scenarios

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Costs less than the market value and is payable through a payment plan with as low as 0% APR financing

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Can be completed online, from anywhere at any time

What Can I Expect From the Courses in This Bundle?

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  • 100% Online Courses: No textbooks or other materials required
  • Self-Study: Work through the courses when it’s convenient for you
  • Complete Each Course in Less than 6 Months: Many students finish much faster
  • Instant Access: Get immediate access to your online learning platform once you complete your purchase
  • Earn Your Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Certification and Gut Health Nutrition Certificate of Specialty from AFPA
  • Complete your Continuing Education Requirements: Get 6 AFPA CECs for completing the continuing education course in this bundle

What Each Course Includes

Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification Course Answer

  • Access to the online learning platform featuring curriculum developed by a team of experts in functional medicine, personalized nutrition, and autoimmune integrative health
  • 7+ hours of on-demand video instruction
  • 22 handouts to use for reference and in coaching sessions
  • Case study assignments
  • Scientific and technical articles
  • Final exam

Gut Health Nutrition Certificate of Specialty Course Answer

  • 8 online modules with the knowledge necessary to support clients in optimizing their digestive wellness through nutrition and lifestyle
  • 23 handouts you can download and print to use with your clients or refer to later
  • Multimedia and resources to deepen your understanding of course content
  • 5 engaging case studies and 3 activities to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice
  • Access to up-to-date scientific articles about gut health nutrition
  • Tools you can use with your clients to better understand their gut health status
  • A toolbox of dietary strategies for addressing specific gut health issues
  • A toolbox of lifestyle strategies for supporting gut health in the long term
  • Information about research-backed herbs, botanicals, supplements, and probiotics that bring the body back into balance

Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods: Nutrition, Gut Health, and the Brain Course Answer

In‌ ‌this 6.0 continuing education credit (CEC) course, you will learn what probiotic and prebiotic foods are and examples of each, and how they contribute to gut health and brain health via the microbiota-gut-brain axis when incorporated into the diet.


  • 1 webinar video
  • 1 quiz

What Other Students Are Saying

“I’ve really enjoyed taking the AFPA Gut Health Nutrition Specialist course. The content was well-delivered and easy to understand. I love that you can study at your own pace and that all the material is available for download to refer to and use in my coaching practice. The course covers a wide array of content and I found much of it to be fascinating!”

— Susan W., Gut Health Nutrition Specialist

“As a person who suffers from a few autoimmune diseases, I thought completing the Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist course would perfectly complement my Holistic Nutritionist Certification, expand my business, and help more people out. This program taught me way more than I thought I would learn and has helped me gain new knowledge when assisting my clients with their health struggles!”

— Christina H., AFPA-Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist


How long does it take to complete the courses in the Autoimmune and Gut Health Bundle? Answer

At AFPA, we understand that individuals have different schedules and commitments, which is why our courses offer the flexibility and freedom to move at your own pace. Whether you prefer an accelerated study or a more relaxed learning approach, we provide you with ample time to successfully complete the courses.

Both the Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Gut Health Nutrition Specialist courses are structured to be completed in six months or less, providing you with a reasonable timeframe to delve into the comprehensive curriculum and absorb the core concepts.

You have an additional six months each to complete Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods: Nutrition, Gut Health, and the Brain, though because this is a continuing education course with only one video lecture rather than a foundational course, it is often completed at a much faster pace.

However, we understand that some students may require additional time to fully absorb the course content or accommodate unexpected life events. Should you find yourself in need of more time, we offer the option to request a six-month extension for a fee of $75. This extension allows you to continue your studies without feeling rushed or overwhelmed, ensuring that you have the necessary time to grasp the concepts.rnrnWe encourage all students to set realistic goals and establish a study schedule that aligns with their personal circumstances. By dedicating consistent time and effort to the course, you can successfully complete it within the initial six-month timeframe or with the additional extension if needed.

How soon can I begin this program? Answer

We have open enrollment for our courses, so you may enroll whenever you are ready. Shortly after completing your purchase, we will grant you access to the learning portal where you can begin your program right away.

Are textbooks included in my enrollment fee? Answer

This bundle is 100% online with no textbooks required.

What happens once I enroll in this bundled program? Answer

Shortly after you place your order, you will receive access to our online learning platform. This user-friendly platform serves as your hub for accessing all course materials, lectures, resources, and assessments. Throughout the course, you will have access to a wealth of resources to support your learning. These resources include reference handouts, counseling and lifestyle management forms, video lectures, and simulated coaching session videos. You can access these resources anytime, anywhere, making it convenient to study and review course content.

What are the qualifications to enroll in this bundle? Answer

At AFPA, we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of holistic nutrition and health coaching. To enroll in this bundle, you must meet certain requirements.

  • The first requirement is that you must be at least 18 years of age. This ensures that students have reached a level of maturity and responsibility necessary to fully engage in the coursework and professional development opportunities offered throughout the program. We believe that age should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion for health and wellness, and we welcome individuals from all walks of life who are committed to making a positive impact on the well-being of others.
  • In addition to the age requirement, having a solid understanding of the English language is essential for successful completion of the program because all course materials, lectures, and assessments are conducted in English.

Are payment plans available for this program Answer

Yes, we offer easy, affordable, and flexible payment plans. Select Affirm at checkout to split your purchase into monthly payments starting at 0% APR with no hidden fees. Pick the loan that fits your budget and make payments over three, six, or 12 months. Our payment plans offer instant approval and are safe and secure. Investing in your education is an investment in your future, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Can I speak with an Enrollment Specialist before signing up? Answer

To speak with an Enrollment Specialist, email us at or call us at 800.494.7782.

Payment Plans Available Starting at 0% APR

Choose from 3, 6, or 12 months. Instant approval. Safe and secure.

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