Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification

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Become a certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist. With a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum, flexible workout plans, and ready-to-distribute client resources, this certification quickly puts you on the path to empowering pregnant and postpartum clients. 

After completing the pre and postnatal fitness certification, you will be able to:

  • Design safe and effective training programs for all pregnancy and postpartum stages
  • Select exercises that facilitate an easier pregnancy and birth, and faster recovery
  • Guide postpartum clients through a full recovery and return to their favorite activities
  • Confidently support your clients as they navigate “the event of a lifetime”

100% Online, Self-Paced Course | Complete in 6 Months or Less

Become a Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist with AFPA

Exercising during and after pregnancy requires specialized knowledge to prepare the body for the unique, high-stress demands of pregnancy and birth and facilitate a full and effective recovery.

That’s why AFPA has partnered with ProNatal Fitness® to bring you an evidence-based curriculum that will help you easily design safe and effective training programs for pregnant and postpartum clients of all stages and fitness levels.

The AFPA Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification course provides personal trainers and fitness professionals with high-quality education and advanced skills so that you can help your clients successfully manage the stresses of pregnancy and birth, and emerge even stronger.

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This Course is For…

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Personal Trainers & Fitness Professionals

Increase your marketability with this high-demand specialization. Train clients 1-on-1, develop online programs, or teach pre & postnatal group fitness classes.

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Perinatal Professionals

Improve the quality of client/patient care you provide as a doula, midwife, physical therapist, nurse, or obstetrician.

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Health Coaches 

Support your pregnant and postpartum clients in safely navigating and reaching their health and wellness goals.

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification Course Materials

This self-study online certification course provides you with everything you need to support you and your clients.

  • 17 Self-Paced Learning Modules
  • 8+ Hours of Video & Additional Interactive Content
  • Downloadable PDFs for Each Module
  • Self-Check Quizzes
  • Case Study Practice
  • Video Library with 130+ Exercises
  • Programming Templates and Sample Workouts
  • Fillable Intake and Movement Assessment Forms
  • Resources for Your Clients
  • Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certificate
  • CECs: NASM 1.9, ACE 3.6, AFAA 15, CANFITPRO 4, ISSA 20, NSCA 2.0, AFPA 16

Watch a Sample Video Lesson

Course Highlights

Comprehensive prenatal and postpartum fitness education featuring the most up-to-date, evidence-based curriculum 

Self-paced online course allows you to learn and graduate on your own time, at a pace that fits your life and goals

Content that will help you guide your clients—physically and mentally—from the first trimester through postpartum recovery, and beyond 

21 handouts, reference guides, client forms, and tools you can download and refer to forever

Course Curriculum: Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification

Comprising 17 learning modules, the course takes approximately 30 – 35 hours to complete. Each learning module contains a video lesson, interactive written content, a downloadable PDF, and a self-check to evaluate your comprehension.

Module 1: Evolution of Childbirth Answer

Explore the historical evolution of childbirth to gain insights into effective strategies for preparing and supporting clients through this most complex and taxing journey.

Module 2: Rationale for a Performance Training Approach Answer

Discover the benefits that research has uncovered about the effects of exercise during pregnancy (on parent and child). Then, understand why we believe that a Performance Training Approach is the most effective way to prepare clients for this journey.

Module 3: The Demands of Pregnancy (How the Body Changes) Answer

Understand the eight significant physical and physiological changes of pregnancy that have the greatest impact on physical activity.

Module 4: The Demands of Childbirth and Early Parenthood Answer

Examine the stresses placed on the body during childbirth and early parenthood that you’ll want to prepare your prenatal clients for.

Module 5: Prenatal Programming Framework (Overview and Stage 1) Answer

Now that you understand the demands placed on the body during pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood, learn how to prepare your clients for all of these using the ProNatal Fitness 3-Stage Prenatal Programming Framework. This module introduces you to the framework and covers Stage 1 (Foundation) in detail.

Module 6: Prenatal Programming Framework (Stages 2 and 3) Answer

Delve into the details of Stage 2 (Strength) and Stage 3 (Birth Prep). By the end of each module, you will have a good sense of the objectives you’ll need to accomplish with your prenatal clients and the order in which to do so. More detailed programming guidance comes in Module 10.

Module 7: Assessing the Pregnant Client Part 1: Overview & Key Questions Answer

A critical component of prenatal program design is understanding your client’s starting point. This module introduces you to the ProNatal Fitness 3-step assessment process and covers the key questions to ask your new prenatal clients.

Module 8: Assessing the Pregnant Client Part 2: Movement Assessment Answer

One component of the 3-step assessment process is the Movement Assessment. Discover a unique and powerful goalbased assessment strategy that will give you deeper insight into how your clients move outside the gym.

Module 9: Managing Pregnancy Pains & Injuries Answer

Before we get into the detailed programming guidance in Module 10, it’s important to understand the common pregnancy pains and injuries, as the movements you select will play a significant role in the degree to which your clients experience these. Learn eight of the most common ones (including Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, SI Joint Pain, and more). Understand their causes and learn strategies to help mitigate or manage them.

Module 10: Prenatal Program Design Answer

Now you have all the pieces of information needed to develop your prenatal training programs. This module covers the details on how to design training programs for clients of all stages, starting points, and fitness levels—including how to structure your sessions, how to select movements, guidance on what moves to avoid or regress by trimester, and case study practice.

Module 11: Pregnancy Psychological Changes and Coaching Strategies Answer

In this final prenatal module, explore important psychological considerations when working with prenatal clients. Learn how to support your clients in the best way as they navigate this major life transition, and how to manage the difficult situation of a pregnancy loss.

Module 12: Postpartum Recovery: Physical Considerations Answer

In this first postpartum module, delve into the physical considerations of the postpartum body, covering aspects such as the implications of vaginal and Cesarean births, weight loss, and healing of skin and fascia. Learn strategies to share with your clients to support their recovery during the initial weeks before they resume exercise.

Module 13: Postpartum Recovery: Psychological Considerations Answer

While a new baby brings many wonderful changes, it also brings a fair share of challenges. Discover coaching strategies for some of the most common challenges postpartum clients face. This module also includes an overview of Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMADs), including how to spot and manage them.

Module 14: Postpartum Programming Framework: Overview & Stage 1 Answer

Similar to prenatal, in this module you will learn the ProNatal Fitness 3-Stage Postpartum Programming Framework, then dive into Stage 1 (Foundation). Since there are many similarities to prenatal, we’ll focus on the biggest difference in the Foundation Stage—the Core Recovery Protocol that you will take all postpartum clients through.

Module 15: Postpartum Programming Framework: Stages 2 and 3 Answer

Understand the objectives of Stage 2 (Strength) and Stage 3 (Performance)—learning strategies for gradually progressing core work and a step-by-step process for introducing impact and higher-intensity activities.

Module 16: Assessing the Postpartum Client Answer

The postpartum assessment process is nearly identical to prenatal, but adds in one additional assessment —the Diastasis Recti (DR) check. Learn how to check for DR in a manner that improves your testing accuracy and gives you a clearer understanding of your client’s core integrity.

Module 17: Postpartum Program Design Answer

Finally, just as in prenatal, learn how to design postpartum training programs for clients of all stages, fitness levels, and starting points. Since there are many similarities to prenatal, we will focus on the specific differences with postpartum, and conclude with case study practice

Accreditation & Continuing Education

The ProNatal Fitness education is trusted and recommended by some of the most recognizable health clubs and boutique fitness studios in the U.S., and approved by the nation’s largest certifying agencies.

1.9 CEUs

15 CEUs

3.6 CECs

4.0 CECs

20 CECs


2.0 CECs


16 CECs

Let Customers Speak for Us

This course gave me 100% confidence to train my first pregnant client! This was my client’s third pregnancy and she told me that it was her BEST birth experience! She said she felt so much stronger, and remarked how much easier it was to care for her other kids and do the chores she needed to do after birth. I love knowing the positive impact that our work together had on her life. Thank you for creating this course!

Flavia Rocha, Certified Personal Trainer

This was my 3rd pre & postnatal course, and this was BY FAR the best one I have taken. It was incredibly thorough – diving deep into programming for both prenatal and postpartum, whereas other certifications did not do this. If you train pre or postnatal clients, or desire to, I highly recommend taking this course!

Sabrina Stockel, Certified Personal Trainer

This was the most comprehensive course of it’s kind for a personal trainer that I have come across in the 15+ years that I’ve been in the business.

Abigail Kurtz, Certified Personal Trainer

The content in this course is evidence-based, fascinating, logical – yet often mind-blowing – and so well-delivered. By FAR, this has been my favorite continuing education course I’ve ever taken!

Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Despite my NASM CPT, I was unprepared for life after an emergency C-section. I found this course and was BLOWN AWAY by what I learned. I not only healed my Diastasis Recti, but my core feels stronger than ever! The whole experience inspired me to start my own company serving this population. Today, I’ve helped hundreds of new and expecting moms and it brings me so much joy to see the impact my work has had on their lives!

Megan Clokey, Certified Personal Trainer & Owner of Vibrant Mama Wellness

As an elite-level triathlete, when I got pregnant, I was nervous. There was just not a lot of information out there for athletes, like myself, to train during pregnancy or recover postpartum. Through the concepts I learned in this course, I was not only able to safely train during my pregnancy, but I was able to come back stronger, better, and faster – and become one of the best athletes in the world postpartum.

Amanda Almond, Certified Personal Trainer and Elite-Level Triathlete

I loved this training ideology. The entire course felt so empowering. I did a TON of research on pre & postnatal courses before selecting this course and it exceeded my expectations from the very first lesson! I cannot recommend it enough!

Ryan Stec, Certified Functional Strength Coach

Taking this course has been the best thing I’ve done — for my own professional development and for the clients I work with. The way I think about pregnancy has completely changed and I think this will be life-changing for the women at my gym.

Hannah Henrichs, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

I am a full-spectrum doula and I signed up for this course because so many of my clients were asking me about working out during and after pregnancy. When I began the course, I had 3 pregnant clients. I taught them all the techniques I learned and I truly believe that this allowed them to have the birth experiences they had desired

Lindsay Salamone, Full Spectrum Doula

Using the Performance Training Approach has helped me train my clients more effectively in a shorter amount of time. As a result, my clients are seeing faster results – especially in their core strength. In fact, a few told me their pelvic floor physical therapists said the exercises we are doing are exceptional. As a nice bonus, my business has taken off!

Ashley Heisler, Certified Personal Trainer & Founder Lillian June Wellness

As an elite-level triathlete, when I got pregnant, I was nervous. There was just not a lot of information out there for athletes, like myself, to train during pregnancy or recover postpartum. Through the concepts I learned in this course, I was not only able to safely train during my pregnancy, but I was able to come back stronger, better, and faster — and become one of the best athletes in the world postpartum.

Amanda Almond, Certified Personal Trainer and Elite-Level Triathlete

This course was everything I could ask for!  Being a certified personal trainer already, I was surprised by just how much I learned. Even though there was so much information — and all of it was new to me — I never felt overwhelmed because the course was structured in such a logical, easy-to-follow way. I’ve never felt so excited and prepared to coach this special population!

Luis Padilla, Certified Personal Trainer and Actor


What are the enrollment requirements for the Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification course? Answer

To enroll in the Certified Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification course, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a solid understanding of the English language.

How long will I have to complete this course? Answer

You will have six months from your date of enrollment to complete your self-study program and pass your final exam. If you require more time, you can request a six-month extension for a fee of $75.

PDFs of the full course content are available for you to download, so you have access to the course information for life.

How soon can I start this course? Answer

We have open enrollment, so you may enroll whenever you are ready. Shortly after completing your purchase, we will grant you access to the learning portal where you can begin your course.

What happens once I enroll in the course? Answer

Shortly after you place your order, you will receive access to our online learning platform. This user-friendly platform serves as your hub for accessing all course materials, lecture videos, downloadable resources, and assessments.

Are textbooks included in my enrollment fee? Answer

This course is 100% online with no textbooks required. For learners who prefer printed study materials, each module includes PDF content that you can download and print.

What additional materials will I need? Answer

Your enrollment fee includes all of your course materials, assessments, online access, student support, and online certification testing. There are no added fees.

Can I earn continuing education credits for completing this certification program? Answer

This course is approved for the following CECs: NASM 1.9, ACE 3.6, AFAA 15, CANFITPRO 4, ISSA 20, NSCA 2.0, AFPA 16

To qualify for CECs, you must complete the certification program.

To receive CECs for a certifying agency not listed here, the typical process is that you reach out to your certifying agency and ask them for a CEC petition form for you to complete. We are happy to work with you to provide the materials you need to petition for credit.

Can I take this course if I’m not a fitness professional? Answer

Absolutely! Other wellness professionals can benefit greatly from learning more about the prenatal and postpartum periods, and expecting and new parents can apply their learnings to their personal health and training.

Are there payment plans available? Answer

Select Affirm at checkout to split your purchase into monthly payments starting at 0% APR with no hidden fees. Pick the loan that fits your budget and make payments over three, six, or 12 months. Our payment plans offer instant approval and are safe and secure.

What is the certification exam like? Answer

The final exam is open-book and administered online. You need a minimum final exam grade of 85% to pass.

A $75.00 retest fee will apply. After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist” on your certificate.

How do I become a pre & postnatal fitness specialist? Answer

  1. Enroll in the Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification course.
  2. Access your 100% online self-study course and complete all 17 modules of the comprehensive prenatal and postpartum curriculum.
  3. Pass your final exam with a score of 85% or higher.
  4. Receive your Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification.

Can I speak with an Enrollment Specialist before signing up? Answer

To speak with an Enrollment Specialist, email us at or call us at 800.494.7782.

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