Program Selection & How It Works

Our extensive selection of programs has something for everyone. Learn more about AFPA’s fine-tuned process for creating industry-leading professionals. Explore what we have to offer now.

The Effective 7-Step Process for Finding the Best Certification for You

Choosing the right certification for your passion can feel overwhelming. Here’s a simple 7-step process you can use right away to help you find the best program.

1. Perform Extensive Research

With hundreds of different health, fitness and nutrition certifications available, it’s imperative that you find the program that suits you best. Make it a priority to find a curriculum that is fully recognized and reputable with industry-leading education material.

Become a Holistic Health Coach Online

2. Pick a Program and Enroll

Once you’ve decided on a program, it’s time to take action. AFPA focuses on making the enrollment process quick and easy. Upon payment, you’ll receive your course within 24 business hours so you can get started as fast as possible.

3. Study on Your Own Time

We understand how busy life can get. Our educational programs were designed so you can complete your certification training and begin your professional career in 6 months or less.  Study where and when you want.  We provide a suggested weekly schedule to keep you on track and moving forward, but you have the freedom to finish the curriculum within your ideal time frame within the six months. We also provide unlimited support from our educational advisors for any help you need.

4. Graduate with Industry-Leading Credentials

Once you’ve studied the material and passed the exam, you are now eligible to receive your official credentials as a health, fitness or nutrition professional! AFPA certification places you as an authority in the field you chose and gives you the proper credentials to begin your dream career.

5. Begin Your Dream Career

Once you’re certified, you’re now ready to begin your career as a trainer, coach or nutrition professional. Whether you start your own business or work for another, AFPA prioritizes the success of our graduates. This means even after completion of our curriculum, we are happy to continue supporting your endeavors with educational resources and keeping you up to date with the latest industry trends.

6. Stay Certified with Continued Education

The health, fitness and nutrition industries are constantly evolving. To keep your credentials and specialized knowledge, and remain competitive, it’s imperative that you renew your certification every 2 years. As an AFPA certified professional, you’ll remain a relevant authority in your field through our state-of-the-art renewal process. We ensure each and every one of our graduates remains an expert with frequently updated continued education.

7. Continue to Create Your Own Path

We pride ourselves on having the most extensive selection of specialized programs. If you have already received AFPA credentials and started a career in a general health, fitness or nutrition field, you can take it one step further. Establishing an area of specialization can set you apart from the competition. Our specialized curriculums were specifically designed to dive deeper into a targeted market that interests you most, molding you into a top professional in that niche.

Create Your Own Path, Explore Our Extensive Programs and Certifications

AFPA thrives on having the most comprehensive selection of health, fitness & nutrition certification programs. With over 30 unique certifications, you can find the exact curriculum you’re looking for. Select the category that speaks to you.

Adding on the Multiple Sclerosis Fitness & Wellness Specialist certification allowed me to gain a new type of clientele. It’s wonderful to be able to impact people’s lives that have MS and to be able to help feel better and live better every single day.”

Heather Binns, AFPA Multiple Sclerosis Fitness & Wellness Specialist

Working with an accredited organization like AFPA has been really beneficial for me. It gives me a leg up on my colleagues because they might know a lot about nutrition, but don’t have the certification behind that. When you’re actually certified, it opens up a lot of doors and opportunities. Once I became certified with AFPA, I was pretty much immediately hired, which helped me get my name out there.”

Allison Wells, AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
Andrew Schuth_Personal Trainer

I looked at a lot of certifications out there. You name it, I’ve looked at it, but AFPA stood out to me. They’re out-of-the-box thinkers and so am I. The certification process was fairly easy, it was very effective, and fun to learn.”

Andrew Schuth, AFPA Personal Trainer