Why Maintaining Certification Credentials Is Important

With new science breakthroughs happening constantly in the health and wellness field, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the educational curve. Continuing education will not only help you become more knowledgeable with the latest trends, but it’s also required for all allied healthcare professionals to ensure the most accurate information is provided to customers. Make it a priority to get continuing education credits so you can demonstrate to your clients that you’re a trusted professional.

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What You Will Learn


Reach Your Goals with CECs

Whether you’re an AFPA certified professional, need extra continued education credits, or want to expand your knowledge base and expertise in fitness, you can achieve your goals by choosing from any of our continuing education programs.

Optimal Performance Techniques Through Continued Education

Personal trainers will discover the most efficient training protocols to reach peak physical performance using practical tools like TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags and more. Our continued education curriculum will show you several mobility and recovery methods to improve strength and stability.

Gain Specialized Knowledge in Holistic Nutrition

Select one of AFPA’s holistic nutrition continued education courses to gain further expertise in various dietary niches, such as ideal micro and macronutrient intake, supplement recommendations, and therapeutic nutrition, as well as a deep dive into fad diets like the Paleo diet, Ketogenic diet and more.

Key Benefits


Over 200 Continuing Education Courses

Our wide selection of educational programs gives the opportunity for individuals worldwide to continue learning. We accept CECs from many other organizations, and are a CEC provider for other certifying organizations as well. Choose to expand your base of knowledge and follow your passion wherever it leads you.

Requirement for Allied Healthcare Professionals

To become the best nutritionist, personal trainer or health coach, it’s important to make a dedication to lifelong education. All allied health professionals are required to keep up with continued education credits (CECs) to maintain certification.

Stay Relevant with Continuing Education

The health, fitness and nutrition industry is constantly evolving with new scientific research and education released on a regular basis. Continuing education certification ensures that you maintain a high level of competence for your clients and demonstrates to future employers that you’re the ideal candidate committed to the job.

How to Make a Successful Career Change Into Health and Wellness

Changing your career can feel daunting, especially when you don’t know where to begin. That’s why we created a detailed, step-by-step guide to teach you how to successfully become a professional in the health, wellness and nutrition field.
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Holistic Health Coach Program Guide

Learn everything there is to know about becoming a Holistic Health Coach in today’s booming wellness industry. Download our free career guide to learn about Holistic Health 101, Holistic Health Coach career opportunities, how to kick-start your career in Holistic Health, how to get certified and the AFPA curriculum.
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We let the results speak for themselves. Here’s what our past graduates have to say.

I searched left and right for something that was accredited, affordable, and was really extensive. I found AFPA, which checked all those boxes and then some. I loved that they have been around for 25 years. It was great that the certification was flexible and I could still homeschool my kids while studying."

Amilia Brady, Holistic Nutritionist Certification

Adding on the Multiple Sclerosis Fitness & Wellness Specialist certification allowed me to gain a new type of clientele. It’s wonderful to be able to impact people’s lives that have MS and to be able to help feel better and live better every single day.

Heather Binns,

I looked at a lot of certifications out there. You name it, I’ve looked at it, but AFPA stood out to me. They’re out-of-the-box thinkers and so am I. The certification process was fairly easy, it was very effective, and fun to learn."

Andrew Schuth, Personal Trainer Certification

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