Food Labels Unwrapped: What the Evidence Says About 10 Common Claims 



Learn the truth behind food label claims like ‘Organic,’ ‘Cage-Free,’ and ‘Grass-Fed’ so you can make more informed shopping decisions and help your health coaching and nutrition clients do the same.

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Learn How to Interpret Food Labels For Yourself and Your Coaching Clients

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Ever found yourself puzzled by the claims on food labels? From ‘Cage-Free’ eggs to ‘Grass-Fed’ beef, ‘Fair Trade’ coffee to ‘Plant-Based’ snacks – the world of food labeling is often a maze of jargon and vague terms.

Join us as we demystify complex food labels and explore the reality behind popular phrases like ‘Hormone-Free’, ‘All Natural’, and ‘No Added Sugar.’ Prepare to enhance your understanding of food labels, as we unveil the truths and myths behind these claims, ensuring you make more informed decisions in your dietary choices and professional recommendations. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:   

  • Comprehensively Define Key Labeling Terms: Gain an in-depth understanding of terms such as ‘Fair Trade’, ‘Cage-Free’, ‘Grass-Fed’, ‘Pasture-Raised’, ‘Hormone-Free’, ‘All Natural’, ‘No Added Sugar’, ‘Plant-Based’, ‘Non-GMO’, and ‘Organic’, and their implications in food labeling. 
  • Differentiate Between Authentic and Misleading Claims: Develop the ability to critically assess and differentiate between genuine and potentially misleading claims on food packaging, enhancing your ability to guide clients or make informed personal choices. 
  • Recognize the Broader Impact of Label Claims: Identify the label claims that may offer benefits beyond personal health, including environmental sustainability and ethical considerations in food production and consumption. 

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Barbara Donnelly
Interesting sounding Title

I found the video really eye opening and useful! Sascha explained it very well and will help me in the future to navigate my clients when they look for products.

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