Demystifying Weight Loss: 5 Coaching Strategies for Addressing Weight Loss With Clients 



Learn how to support your health coaching clients in losing the weight they want in this 6.0 unit CEC course.

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6.0 CECs / Video / Handouts / Quiz

Losing weight isn’t easy, but health coaches have a track record of success in supporting their clients through the weight loss process. They do this by relying on evidence-based coaching strategies that include setting the right types of goals, exploring unhealthy beliefs, and making specific plans to address the behaviors that support weight loss, like planning and preparing meals, coping with cravings, and moving your body. 

This CEC course will explore these strategies in depth so that you too can support your clients in losing the weight they want to become healthier versions of themselves. 

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the coach’s role in supporting the weight loss process  
  • Differentiate between behavioral goals and outcome goals as they relate to weight loss  
  • Identify unhealthy beliefs that a client may be hindering a client’s progress 
  • Determine the most appropriate coaching strategies to support client behavior change in the areas of diet and activity

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