13 Foods to Eat After a Workout

Foods to Eat After A Workout

13 Foods to Eat After a Workout

If you exercise regularly you know how important is to eat after a workout. The question is what is the optimal food or foods to eat after a workout?

We have a few ideas on some healthy foods we thought we would share with you.

These food choices will supply you with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help you maintain lean body mass.

Check out our 13 Optimal Food Choices after a Workout

1. Protein Enriched Berry Fruit Smoothie – rich in protein and carbs, antioxidants, vitamin C

2. Quinoa –rich in proteins, carbs and fiber

3. Orange Juice – rich in vitamin C, contain potassium that helps the body restore its fluid levels

4. Bananas – rich in carbs and potassium, helps rebuild damages muscles

5. Wild Fresh Salmon – rich in protein and anti-inflammatory omaga-3 which help rebuild muscles

6. Bluberries – packs antioxidants to help recover fast from intense workout

7. Whole-grain Pita and Hummus – contains protein and carbs to help keep energy levels up after tough workout

8. Dried fruits and nuts – delivers quick protein and carbs fix to help build muscles

9. Pineapple – rich in vitamin C and packs anti-inflammatory properties to help heal bruises, sprains and swelling

10. Sweet potatoes – rich in carbs, contain a variety of vitamins B6, C, D and minerals like magnesium and potassium

11. Kiwi – contain high vitamin C and potassium and a great source of antioxidant to help combat muscle soreness

12. Water – a great energy source to hydrate the body properly and feel great and stay energized

13. Most importantly remember just to Eat Something! – This is really needed to replenish the energy wasted from intense workout and help the muscles recover properly.

Source Credit: BuzzFeed

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