15 Ways to Change Your Exercise Routine

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15 Ways to Change Your Exercise Routine

Looking for ways to spice up the exercise routine and add more challenging movements to your day? Here are a few to try if you haven’t already.

1. Give planks a try instead crunches to work that whole core.

2. Interval workouts to rev up the metabolism – Try a 20-minute interval run with lots of 1 minute of sprinting with 30 seconds of walking recovery.

3. Turn the incline on versus keeping a flat treadmill – you’ll get more muscle-building burn!

4. Do some dance inspired fitness classes to free your mind instead of staying stuck to a machine.

5. Try adding some standing for sitting at a desk.

6. When you do sit, do it on an exercise ball and work on your balance and core while you work.

7. Do free weights for machines – free weights are more versatile and allow for a full range of motion.

8. Pull-ups instead of bicep curls to work arms, shoulders and back.

9. Squats for leg press for more full body challenge.

10. A Certified Personal Trainer may help push us through a plateau.

11. Use a foam roller instead of sitting and stretching.

12. Try the rowing machine instead of the bike for a great upper body challenge.

13. Make it an active dates versus for dinner and a movie.

14 Park your car further away and walk the extra 100 feet

15. Hands-free treadmill, don’t rely on the handlebars.

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