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This bundled program will equip you to provide valuable fitness and nutrition guidance and support to older adults and help our senior population live healthier, happier lives.

Online | Self-Paced | Complete Each Program in 6 Months or Less | Digital Textbooks Included


Earn 32 CECs with this special bundle

Enrich the lives of older adults by helping them improve their health & longevity

Did you know that as many as three out of four Americans aged sixty-five and older experience multiple chronic health conditions?

As we age, our needs in terms of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change. However, in most cases, these changing needs are not met. That’s why there is a growing need to help older adults improve their overall health.

This Senior Health Coach program will show you how to develop optimized fitness and nutrition programs for older adults. It covers essential topics like the physiological changes of aging and special nutrition requirements.

Become a Senior Health Coach and help our senior population live better, healthier, and happier lives.

Help older adults as a Senior Health Coach

What can I do as a Senior Health Coach?

As a Senior Health Coach, you’ll find out how to enrich the lives and inspire an overall wellness improvement among the senior population.

Become an active aging coach online

With the Senior Health Coach program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify the barriers in the way of your clients from engaging in proper nutrition and adequate physical activity
  • Carry out comprehensive health history assessments and interviews that reveal important information about their health
  • Educate older adults about how their lifestyle choices affect the speed of aging and the onset of common diseases and disorders
  • Apply the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Healthy People 2020 to your nutritional recommendations for older adults
  • Design appropriate exercise programs for preventive health
  • Provide recommendations for dietary intake and lifestyle modifications based on your clients’ changing energy levels and metabolism
  • Create approachable and effective nutritional plans that meet the macronutrient, mineral, and vitamin requirements for older adults
  • Explain all the signs and symptoms of medication-related negative interactions during physical activities
  • Organize community-based senior fitness programs so you can maximize your impact

The Holistic Approach to Senior Health Care

The AFPA Senior Health Coach program combines two of our specialized programs, the AFPA Senior Fitness Specialist course and the AFPA Senior Nutrition Specialist course. You’ll receive full access to both programs.

AFPA Senior Fitness Specialist Course Answer

This program will show you how to design exercise programs to improve the lives of older adults. Once complete3d, you’ll become an expert on topics concerning exercise physiology and aging systems, among many others.

As a Senior Fitness Specialist, you will be able to:

  • Understand your client’s behavior patterns when it comes to fitness and nutrition
  • Help your clients overcome barriers to regular exercise
  • Handle comprehensive health history interviews and assessments that show essential factors to consider in designing safe and effective exercise programs
  • Immediately spot the signs and symptoms connected to medication-related negative interactions during physical activity
  • Develop appropriate and effective land and water-based exercise programs for preventive health for older adults
  • Coordinate community-based senior fitness programs that make physical activity fun for your clients

AFPA Senior Nutrition Specialist Course Answer

Once completed, you’ll have the expertise to help older adults live better by designing a nutrition plan that works with their changing needs. You’ll transform the lives of older adults by providing them with the best nutritional care.

As a Senior Nutrition Specialist, you will be able to:

  • Offer a sound nutritional plan that helps your clients achieve and maintain their weight goals and avoid diseases
  • Educate clients about the relationship between diseases and malnutrition
  • Explain how a change in diet can help in slowing down the aging process
  • Provide dietary intake and lifestyle recommendations that address clients’ changing energy needs that come with advancing age
  • Describe the metabolic changes occurring in your clients’ bodies and the adjustments needed in their carbohydrate, fat, protein, and fluid intake
  • Create a safe and effective nutritional plan that takes into account their risk factors for diseases and their prevailing health conditions

This program also includes the AFPA Coaching Module.

This module will show you exactly how to help your clients achieve long-term positive behavior change. You’ll discover evidence-based coaching and systematic processes to guide, support, and motivate clients to switch to healthier lifestyles and practices.

Get ready to master all the necessary skills for professional development in the health and fitness space. You’ll practice effective coach-client dialogues and reflection exercises that will help you experience the content personally.

What’s more, you’ll be examining the eleven core competencies created by the International Coach Federation and see how to apply these to your practice.

You’ll dive into:

  • Introduction to lifestyle wellness coaching
  • Core ingredients in effective coaching
  • Different models of coaching
  • Foundation for effective coaching
  • Meeting ethical guidelines and establishing the coaching agreement
  • Coaching agreements
  • Ongoing support for new behaviors and actions
  • Steps in questioning & active listening
  • Direct communication
  • Goals and goal setting


Why should you become a Senior Health Coach?

Work a career that’s worthwhile and fulfilling

Health needs tend to become more complex as we age. By becoming certified, you can help senior clients decrease the likelihood or reverse the effect of chronic diseases.

Take control over your career growth

You’re in total charge of where, when, and how you want to work. What’s more, you’ll receive access to our exclusive business resources to help you kick-start and grow your new career.

Receive education from the world’s most trusted experts

We’ve successfully certified over 130,000 professionals in the last 29+ years and continue our mission to make quality health education accessible.

Convenient and flexible payment alternatives

Get up to 0% APR financing with payment plans through Affirm. Our flexible and secure payment plan option helps make our programs accessible for any budget.

Pursue a career you love as a Certified Senior Health Coach

Get two in-depth programs in one
all-inclusive package

We’ve combined two specialized programs to provide you with a more holistic approach to achieving optimal health for older adults.

Learn how to support older clients with fitness and behavior change

Specifically, this is what you will get:

AFPA Senior Fitness Specialist Course

  • All course materials
    • Two digital textbooks
    • Course activities
    • Assignments
  • Practice quiz and self-assessment
  • Online final exam

AFPA Senior Nutrition Specialist ourse

  • All course materials
    • Digital textbook
    • Companion ebook
    • Course activities
  • Practice quizzes and self-assessments
  • Online final exam

Plus, you get these incredible bonus materials:

  • 83 exercises for free weights, machines, bands, and balls
  • 30 workouts for increasing size, endurance, and strength
  • Sports-specific programs for tennis, golf, cycling, running, and more
  • Exercise considerations for medical conditions

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Laura S.
Too many stats

In the nutrition portion - too many statistics that are just uncalled for. For example percentage of seniors eligible for assistance that don’t use it. I mean - do I really need this information? FAILED the test with an 84 when the required score to pass is 85. Open book test but with 275 questions you only dig so much. Oh well—learned some new things.

Build a fulfilling career that helps meet the unique needs of older people.

As people age, their nutrition and lifestyle requirements change. We need to find new ways to adapt to older people’s needs to help prevent care dependency and declining physical capacity.

Become a Senior Health Coach today and improve the lives of older adults worldwide.


Must be at least 18 years of age.
Must have a solid understanding of the English language.

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