The Health and Wellness Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business



In‌ ‌this 10.0 continuing education credit (CEC) course, learn everything you need to know about starting and running your own nutrition, health coaching, or fitness business. Discover how to find clients willing to invest in your services, build and scale a thriving business, grow your income, and help people enjoy healthier lives.

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The Essential Business Course for Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs

10.0 CECs / Videos / Readings / Quiz

In‌ ‌this 10.0 continuing education credit (CEC) course, you will be equipped with the skills needed to build and run your own health and wellness businesses. The course begins with the initial phases of planning and goal-setting, and progresses to choosing a business structure, branding and marketing, operations, and scaling your business. Specifically, you will learn about:

  • Goal-Setting
  • Planning for Success
  • Business Registration
  • Legal Protection
  • Pricing
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Scaling

Please note: this course is designed for US learners.

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