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Welcome to Nutrition for Kids, hosted by registered dietitian,speaker and author Connie Liakos Evers. To find out more about our books, handouts or other resources, click on one of the topics above. For news, articles, blogs, tips, recipes and more, be sure to check out our free Feeding Kids Updates.

Slimkids is for Overweight children or overweight, obese teens. It’s a healthy weight loss program for obese kids, obese children, teens. We offer weight loss help for overweight children, overweight teens, height and weight chart/ weight calculator and a healthy weight diet .

First, we are Family Advocates. Second, we are parents of former troubled teens and we know exactly what you, the parent of a troubled teen is going through. For more information about matching your troubled teen with one of our featured schools or programs please call 866-439-0352. The Family Hope Line offers various therapeutic-based Christian boarding schools for both boys and girls (separate campuses), including specialized Group Homes, Military Schools, and Boot Camps. Overall, FHL presents dozens of various Boarding Schools for troubled teens located throughout the United States, representing ALL the specific therapeutic needs of a troubled teen.

Welcome to Abundant Life Academy! We are an evangelical therapeutic boarding school designed for teens who are struggling. Our goal is to provide teens and their families with the tools and resources to thrive academically, relationally and spiritually. We help once troubled teens to begin living a life of love, service, acceptance and forgiveness, and equip them to become self-reliant, successful adults.

The Children’s Nutrition Research Center is one of six federally funded human nutrition research centers in the nation and the first to conduct scientific investigations into the role of maternal, infant and child nutrition in optimal health, development, and growth.

Since its establishment in 1978, over 8,500 volunteers have participated in Center studies. Center research has generated more than 1,700 scientific publications and continues to provide valuable information for improving the nutritional health of today’s children and that of future generations.

The Get America Fit Foundation (GAFF) is a non-profit organization providing education, as well as recreation and fitness equipment for under funded schools so America’s youth can stay active, learn how to respect their bodies, and live long and healthy lives.

KidsHealth is the #1 most-trusted source for physician-reviewed information and advice on children’s health and parenting issues.

HealthyChildren.org is the only parenting Web site backed by 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

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