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    The Milk Letter: A Message To My Patients

    By: Robert M. Kradjian, MD
    Breast Surgery Chief Division of General Surgery,
    Seton Medical Centre #302 - 1800 Sullivan Ave.
    Daly City, CA 94015 USA

    “MILK”Just the word itself sounds comforting! “How about a nice cup of hot milk?” The last time you heard that question it was from someone who cared for you–and

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    Pregnant Women Should Not Skydive

    By: Dennis M. Loya, BS.,JD., Certified Personal Trainer


    It goes without saying that every pregnant woman must cut back on exercise during her pregnancy to avoid harming herself or her baby. This begs the question, how should I modify my exercise routine to accommodate my pregnancy?

    Pregnancy is a complex physiologic state,

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    Calcium and Protein: A Mixture For Disaster

    Does Milk Really Do The Body Good? Calcium and Protein: A Mixture For Disaster

    By: Mark J. Occhipinti, M.S. , Ph.D, NDc.

    It is a documented fact that consumption of dairy products can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, heart attack and strokes, and that high fat dairy products contain unsafe levels of environmental contaminants, including pesticide residues, antibiotics and estrogen steroids. 1,2 In

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    How to Create Your Own Fitness Boot Camp

    By: Phil A. Lalli

    Just about every fitness center and gym seems to offer a version of the trendy boot camp workout these days.

    Some go with a pseudo-militaristic theme, complete with camouflage gear. Others refer to standard circuit classes as boot camps.

    Deciding what type of boot camp workout you want to

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    Animal vs. Vegetable: The Best Protein for Muscle Growth

    Animal vs. Vegetable Protein Debate: What is the Best Protein For Muscle Growth?

    By Dr. Bill Misner, Ph.D.

    AUTHOR’S PREVIEW I would like to acknowledge this is a debatable subject firstly because the human metabolic system is highly adaptive to a variety exogenous protein foods, secondly because one protein protocol “Size” may not fit all, and lastly because we are still fine-tuning from the

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    Effects of Learned Helplessness on Weight Loss & Exercise

    Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD One of the most famous and most revealing experiments in the history of psychological research involved the subject and effects of learned helplessness. I don’t have the room here to tell you as much about it as I’d like to, but any Psychology 101

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