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Comprehensive weight loss coaching expertise awaits with this bundled program. Get the knowledge and tools to guide clients towards sustainable weight loss, empowering them to achieve their health goals and embrace a vibrant lifestyle.


Help people lead happier & healthier lives through effective weight loss

The United States has the highest number of obesity cases in the world.

With one out of three Americans being obese, there is a demand for wellness and fitness professionals to help individuals lose weight and keep it off.

When you choose a career as a Weight Loss Coach, you get to help your clients feel their best. That’s because weight loss has intense and lasting effects on a person’s overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Earn your Weight Loss Coach certification in 6 months or less and start changing lives for the better.

Help clients with weight loss as an AFPA Certified Weight Loss Coach

What can I do as a weight loss coach?

Weight Loss Coaches use nutrition education to support weight loss

As an AFPA Certified Weight Loss Coach, you get to inspire real behavior change among your clients. You’ll have the expertise to effectively:

  • Determine your client’s optimal weight that improves their physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Design a customized, safe, effective, and sustainable weight management program that works for your client’s overall wellness
  • Mentor clients on sustained weight management and lasting lifestyle change
  • Help clients take accountability for their goals and provide positive reinforcement for their efforts
  • Co-create optimal weight management programs using practical communication tools and behavior change techniques
  • Support clients in overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors and achieving long-term healthy lifestyle changes

Why become an AFPA Certified Weight Loss Coach?

Create a Lasting Impact on Others’ Lives

Not only will you help your clients decrease the risk of diseases, but you’ll also empower clients to live their best life. You’ll learn how to effectively help clients lose weight and keep it off.

Become a Big Part of the Solution to a Global Problem 

Obesity isn’t just a public health crisis in America but all over the world. With the tools you’ll learn inside this program, you get to play a significant role in addressing this global problem.

The Sky’s the Limit to Your Career Growth 

You get flexibility in choosing your work schedule and environment. Plus, you get access to our world-class business resources that’ll help you flourish in your new career.

Convenient and Flexible Payment Options 

With instant approval and super flexible payment options, you can pay for your education with ease. You can opt to pay a part of your balance at checkout in equal monthly payments.

Become a Weight Loss Coach online

The Total Package

The AFPA Weight Loss Coach Certification combines two of our leading programs, the Health & Wellness Coach Certification & the Weight Management Specialist Certification.

You get access to both programs with our Weight Loss Coach Certification bundle.

Health & Wellness Coach Certification Answer

With this certification, you get to help clients start and sustain a healthier lifestyle. You’ll be able to create programs that improve your clients’ overall wellness and ultimately lead them to follow through on their goals.

As a Health & Wellness Coach, you will be able to:

  • Assess a client’s health status, habits, and overall wellness
  • Effectively recognize limiting behavior and mindset patterns that can hinder progress
  • Create a personalized wellness plan that supports your clients in across the various areas of their lives
  • Teach clients how to become more accountable for their progress and motivate them along their journey to better health and wellness
  • Implement a science-based course of action to achieve wellness goals
  • Understand wellness as a whole—not just diet and exercise but also supportive relationships, meaningful work, work/life balance, spirituality, and more
  • Mentor clients on how to make a healthier long-term change in lifestyle

Weight Management Specialist Certification Answer

Support your clients to achieve long-term weight management through the skills you’ll acquire in this program. Discover how to use effective behavior modification that lets your clients achieve their weight loss goals.

As a Weight Management Specialist, you’ll have the confidence to:

  • Define your client’s optimal weight based on their existing situation and fitness goals
  • Create a reasonable weight loss and management program that reinforces healthy eating patterns and adequate exercise
  • Explain the difference in body composition between the different Body Mass Index (BMI) types
  • Assess your client’s lifestyle habits and demonstrate how they can influence the success of their weight management journey
  • Conduct a clinical assessment of your client’s body composition and determine the speed of their chemical metabolic reaction
  • Explain the psychology behind eating disorders so you can help your clients overcome or avoid the trap of unhealthy habits


Two Comprehensive Certifications, One All-Inclusive Program

Get advanced education taught by the world’s most trusted experts without ever breaking the bank. You get two incredible certifications in one bundle.

Here’s what you’ll get inside this Weight Loss Coach certification program:

AFPA Health & Wellness Coach Certification

  • All course materials
    • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
    • Outlines and study guide
  • Interactive learning assets: glossary, flashcards, and summaries
  • Online learning activities
  • Practice quizzes and self-assessments
  • Multimedia learning formats: PDF slide presentations and nutrition and health audio
  • Counseling and lifestyle management forms for starting your own business
  • Worksheets, checklists, and client questionnaires
  • Online final exam

AFPA Weight Management Specialist Certification

  • All course materials
    • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
    • Outline and study guide 
  • Guidebook on legal standards, risk management, and professional ethics
  • Course study guidelines and completion schedule to stay on track
  • Counseling and lifestyle management forms for starting your own business
  • Practice questions, case study, and critical thinking self-assessments to test progress
  • Worksheets, checklists, and client questionnaires
  • Online final exam

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Michelle B.
Phenomenal experience!

AFPA provided the most up-to-date content and resources which has throughly prepared me to enter this exciting field. Just do it!

Jennifer W.

I really looked into several coaching certification programs before choosing AFPA. I am amazed at how great this program is! Sign up now!

Stephanie L.
Great content!!! I really liked

Great content!!! I really liked the materials provided and feel well prepared for my journey as a coach!

Lora B.
Excellent Course

I love how in-depth all the course material is. Even though I’m still completing the course, I’ve gleaned so much information that I know when my course is complete, I’ll be 100% ready to coach my clients to their weight loss and wellness goals.

Sally O.
It's going ok a Little

It's going ok a Little slow for me but I'm getting through. More input would be good. My assignments ate getting approved but feedback would be great.

Let’s make obesity a thing of the past.

No more fad diets. No more weight change roller coasters. As an AFPA Certified Weight Loss Coach, you become part of the effort to change the way people think about their lifestyle. You can pave the way for your clients to live a healthy life that’s truly enjoyable as it is achievable.

Be at least 18 years of age.
Have a solid understanding of the English language.

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