7 Ways to Offer Your Coaching Services: Which Is Better?

    Coaching businesses have several options when it comes to ways to offer their services. 

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    Client Engagement Is Essential to Personal Training—And Technology Is the Key to Unlocking It

    Scenario: A personal trainer, Cameron, greets her client, Rodney, and leads him through a workout while Rodney’s Apple Watch tracks his heart rate and active calories burned. For the following week, Cameron builds a training plan for Rodney, including a few independent workouts and daily habits, and Rodney completes them. The next week, a scheduling conflict pops up for Rodney when he’s supposed to meet with Cameron, so Cameron reschedules him for a session for the following day. 

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    5 Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Personal Trainer

    Personal trainer certification completed—check! 

    Motivation to put your certification to work—check! 

    Innovative ideas for how to make an income as a personal trainer—pending.

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    How to Support Your Clients Through the Most Common Holiday Health Struggles 

    For many people in the US, the stretch of time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s looks quite different from the rest of the year. There are more irregular schedules, (hopefully) more days off, and usually more activities related to prepping for the holidays. 

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    Coach Resource: How to Prepare Your Health and Wellness Business for the New Year

    For business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere, the New Year represents an opportunity to set out new goals for your programming, revenue, and overall growth. 

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    Know Your Worth: How to Confidently Set Your Coaching Rates

    In the coaching world, the search for an easy answer to setting the “right” price for your services can be likened to a search for the holy grail; there are tons of clues out there, but the true answer doesn’t seem to exist.

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    How Much Can I Make as a Holistic Health Coach? 7 Factors to Consider

    One thing that holistic health coaches have in common is that they are passionate about helping others live healthier, more fulfilling lives through lifestyle choices and mindsets that support their clients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. 

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    5 Top Qualities of Health Coaches

    What does it take to be a “good” health coach? 

    By nature, most health coaches work directly with clients who are looking for support from a professional to implement lifestyle changes that aim to improve their health and wellbeing. 

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    Nutrition Practice Laws: How Can I Practice in My State?

    In the United States, nutrition practice laws vary by state. Depending on the degree or certificate you have obtained, the type of practice you can open and the type of advice you can give change based on where you live. 

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    How to Generate New Client Leads with Social Media

    Business website up and running—Check! 

    Selection of your primary social media channels—Check! 

    Steady content creation—Check! 

    Those wins may look small on paper, but entrepreneurs know the amount of work that goes into checking all of these off.  

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