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The Top 7 Holistic Nutrition Blogs

Those who follow nutritional shifts and research know that it can be challenging to translate the kind of complex information and advice that abounds today. Fortunately, we’re able to get expert opinions on what the latest developments might mean, particularly in holistic nutrition, which is one of the hottest areas of interest in the field. Here are seven holistic nutrition blogs worth checking out:

My New Roots

Self-taught cook Sarah Britton started blogging in 2007 to share her passion for holistic nutrition. Her recipes revolve around plant-based dishes and are often playful and creative, like her pumpkin miso broth and sourdough salad pizza. With a friendly writing style and easy-to-make recipes, her blog is a great resource for nutrition professionals and their clients alike.

Running on Real Food

With a subtitle of “life in healthy balance,” blogger Deryn began sharing her thoughts online in 2013, and already has a strong following. She pairs nutrition insights with thoughts on athletic performance, since she takes on Tough Mudder and CrossFit competitions. This is a good blog pick for those looking to combine nutrition with fitness goals.

Oh She Glows

Offering a wealth of plant-based ideas, blogger Angela Liddon excels at providing very easy recipes along with thoughts on how holistic nutrition has shaped her life. She started the blog after struggling with an eating disorder, and she’s honest about the kind of challenges that created for her health. With a writing style that’s personable and warm, Liddon helps to create enthusiasm for all her recipes.

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Authority Nutrition

With daily posts about nutrition, weight loss, and health, this blog is written by nutrition professionals and draws heavily on scientific evidence for its insights. Part of what makes the blog so valuable is that it brings together multiple viewpoints and ranges in terms of topics, so you can get information on everything from intermittent fasting to carb intake.

The Roasted Root

Although holistic nutrition favors a plant-based approach, many people do still like to incorporate meaty proteins into their diets. Julia Mueller’s blog offers a broad range of recipes and insights for an array of eating preferences, from Paleo to vegetarian. She’s also able to articulate the benefits of each meal through the lens of nutritional information, so this holistic nutrition blog is part education and part cooking ideas.

Nutrition Stripped

Started in 2013 by dietician nutritionist McKel Hill, this blog aims to live up to its name by stripping away confusion in nutrition and wellness. Not only does Hill include recipes, but she also provides nutrition education, workout tips, meal planning guides, and thoughts on the latest health trends.

AFPA Fitness

Okay, we might seem a little biased on this one, but the fact is that AFPA has some top nutrition professionals sharing their insights on this very blog. Whether you want insights on a topic like reducing hunger without counting calories or tips on determining if a holistic certification might be right for you, the blog has plenty of insights that are worth reading.

Keep in mind that blogs are just one source of information, and certainly don’t replace the kind of rigorous education you would find in a certification program. But they can be valuable for keeping on top of the latest developments, hearing from experts in nutrition, and advancing your own knowledge personally and professionally.

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