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The Top 15 Health & Fitness Articles On The Web: September 2015

Most people know that fitness is important. Perhaps your clients eat well and get some physical exercise every day. Maybe they’re even serious about their physiques, and work out consistently. Whatever the case, you can always take their game to the next level as a personal trainer.

Whether you’re looking to help clients overcome a plateau or searching for some interesting ways to kick off a fitness routine, it might help you check out the latest and greatest in nutrition and fitness. We’ve also included some thoughts on personal training, to help you improve your career and your clients’ health and happiness.

Nutrition Articles

* When fall rolls around, it’s time to break out the pumpkin everything. Yet many people are tempted to reach for unhealthy treats such as high-calorie pumpkin spice lattes or rich pumpkin pie. While an occasional treat is fine, here are some other pumpkin-y recipes to help your clients kill cravings.

* Quinoa is all the rage these days. Here’s a body-boosting way to eat more qunioa that neither breaks the bank, requires cooking expertise or uses up a lot of calories. Plus, it’s yet another excuse to get chia seeds in the diet.

* Helping clients kick off a strength-training regimen? Try these protein-packed, light and healthy foods to get them where they want to go.

* Getting more protein helps exercisers go longer and harder, build more muscle, and all-around feel better. Here are 20 great protein-filled recipes to help them feel their best.

Clients count on you to make their personal fitness journey feel a little less painful. Filling your repertoire for suggestions of how they can meet their goals without feeling deprived will earn you that great word-of-mouth marketing you rely on. Try for instance, some of these simple, yet delicious, recipes from Teri Gentes.


Personal Training Articles

* When you work with people helping them get in shape and get the bodies they’ve dreamed of, it helps to be in the know. Staying up to date on facts like millennials may have a harder time avoiding obesity than earlier generations is helpful, especially if you take a science-backed approach.

* The makeup of your gut has a major impact on your health. Understanding this can help you recommend the right food and diet choices to clients.


* Instagram is all the rage, but be careful how you employ it in your business. You may end up driving away more clients than you attract.

* Similarly, your clients may be looking for qualifications when choosing a personal trainer. While celebrity trainers are becoming more and more common, make sure you meet high standards if you want a high-quality, long-lasting business.

* Turns out stress matters. We always knew that, but here’s some tangible evidence. Share with your clients the importance of reducing stress to, for example, faster race times to try to help them change their ways.

Fitness Articles

* One of the best ways to fire up muscles and tone legs and glutes is to take the workout to the stairs. Not only does hoisting yourself upward massively up your calorie burn, you can also use stairs for a variety of other toning and cardio exercises as well.

* Trail running may just help you craft the killer core and ripped physique your clients are looking for, plus it’s great for the heart.

* If you’ve trained for a while, you’re no doubt aware of these common habits of lifting ladies. Just some food for thought when you’re first teaching them the basics of weight training.

* Sometimes the best thing you can do for your clients is help them make realistic fitness plans. And that means knowing what ain’t so likely. Here’s a list of unrealistic fitness goals for women.

* We know you like a success story just as much as we do. Check out this profile of a successful new fitness company that’s attracting major attention, even from professional athletes. Tricks to steal: have a shtick, appeal to a range of clients and use a holistic approach for best results. 

Hopefully these ideas help you serve your clients better. And hey, maybe they even help you feel better too.


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