The Top 15 Health & Fitness Articles on the Web for December 2015

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Since it's that time of year when it's tempting to spend more free time at holiday parties than at the gym, it's not surprising to find that a lot of December health and fitness articles center focus on resolutions for the new year. Some also offer great tips on how to make it through the holidays without backsliding too much! Enjoy these articles to review the basics and learn more about trends to expect in the future.

Top December Health & Fitness Articles Online by Category


Are you waiting to begin your new commitment to healthy eating resolutions?  Lots of people intend to begin their new yeat by eating better. Barbara Quinn, on the Journal Times, reminds you why it's a good idea to make today a good day to start.

Trying to change a family's diet might seem overwhelming. Sometimes it's just hard to figure out how to start eating better by taking it a step at a time. US News & World Report offers up some healthy hacks for the new year.

Did unexpected holiday guests arrive? Here are some healthy and practical ways to stretch the holiday feast from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The new year might be a good time to bust some nutrition myths. Ms. Ott is a registered dietitian who says she has heard it all.

It's surprising how much sugar gets slipped into average diets. These are some tips to avoid excess sugar from US News.

Personal Training

Is the new year time to find a professional trainer? If so, get some tips from USA Today to select a qualified trainer who can help you stay healthy.

Did you think your last personal training session was bad? Enjoy a smile and some instruction with these NY Post examples of personal training clients behaving badly.

How did Michael B. Jordan get in shape for the Rocky movie, Creed? Learn about the 6-day-a-week training session on Business Insider.

Is a personal trainer too expensive for a strained budget? The Fitness CheatSheet outlines the benefits of enjoying semi-private sessions with others of a similar fitness level.

Do you need personal training at your convenience. Do you have a selfie in your mobile phone? According to Fitness World, there's an app for that!

Learn what it takes to become a Health & Wellness Coach!


Heart health is a big concern these days. When it comes to heart disease, it really is true that an ounce of prevention has more value than pounds of cure.  Today of NBC News reminds people about seven health habits that can reduce the risk of heart disease.

What fitness trends should you expect to see next year? The New York Times explores trends in both brain and body fitness to try and provide some fitness predictions for 2016.

It only makes sense to explore mobile apps that might help with fitness. Can smart watches and other kinds of wearable tech help you reach your fitness goals? See how ARS rates the latest Moto 360 Sport for fitness apps.

Do you hate doing sit-ups? If so, you'll be be relieved to learn that many fitness experts have turned against this classic exercise. Time Magazine reports that they are dangerous for the lower back and might not do that much good.

Do you want to buy the perfect present for fitness fanatics that you know and love? If so, the NY Post has several unique and fairly affordable gift ideas that are sure to get used.

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