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The Top 15 Health & Fitness Articles on the Web for January 2016

The beginning of the year presents its own special health and fitness challenges. For many, it’s cold outside, but it’s also the time to get the next year off to a healthy start. January health and fitness topics tend to focus on sticking to resolutions, reducing food cravings, staying fit indoors, and taking off that extra ten pounds you might have gained during the holiday season.


Winter diets present their own special challenges. Lindsey Getz of Today’s Dietician presents some great ideas to keep diets healthy when the weather outside is still frightful.

Lots of folks start looking for a new diet in January. There are lots of diets out there, but you might still be struggling to find the right one for you. To find the best one, consider these diet rankings and ratings from US News.

NPR has their own take on ranking diets. They look at a range of different factors to help people find the right diet. These range from which diet helps to overcome food cravings to which ones produce the fastest weight loss.

Do you find yourself arguing about nutrition a lot? Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition gives you the ammunition you need to make your point if you want to sensibly discuss healthy eating with others.

Coming off the holiday parties in December, it can be tough to control food cravings. Here are some practical tips by Adda Bjarnadottir of Authority Nutrition to help stop cravings cold. Like most sensible tips, they include consuming plenty of the right things to help stay away from the wrong food.

Personal Training

Yes, men and women can both get strong; however, they are different when it comes to personal training. Menno Henselmans explains how women can exploit their own natural strengths by training and dieting differently than men do.

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of strength training with a belt. Greg Nuckols of Strength Theory explains why people should lift with a belt most of the time, but that belts also take some getting used to.

After the release of the latest Star Wars movies, everybody’s excited about the Jedi again. Leave it to Nerd Fitness to use Star Wars to explain why people get fat. Use the Force to get fit!

Running injuries are all too common. Jeff Ford of Breaking Muscle discusses the most common injuries and how they can be prevented.

What’s the most popular strength-building exercise in the history of the universe? According to  Martijn Koevoets of JMAX Fitness, it’s the bench press. Learn how to do this classic exercise right.


Detox diets and cleanses promise a quick health and nutrition fix. Examine.com demonstrates why so-called cleansing diets and products won’t provide a long-term fitness solution and may even be harmful.

What’s your 2016 fitness goal? Do you want to get stronger, run longer, or just lose some weight? Suzie East of CNN Health presents six popular fitness goals and how to reach them.

Is stress making you fat? If so, some University of Florida research may help you understand why. According to a Science Daily report on this research, stress really does make it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it.

It’s not just stress keeping people fat. Even fat wants to keep people fat, according to a Science Daily report on a University of Cambridge study.

Can technology help you reach your 2016 fitness goals? Visit Digital Trends to learn about some new wearable technology that may be surprisingly affordable and almost be like a personal trainer that can be worn on your wrist or kept in your pocket. 

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