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10 Ways to Support Clients with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the most common chronic metabolic bone disease and it often goes undiagnosed and undetected until you unexpectedly fracture a bone. The disease affects men and women and its occurrence is rising. The costs of preventing or not treating osteoporosis are high. Patients often experience extreme complications after one year of major fractures as […]

12 Easy Holiday Workout Plans

When the holidays come around, schedules get packed and cookie trays are everywhere. That can make it more challenging to stick to your nutrition and fitness routines, but sneaking time in to exercise can have huge benefits, from lowering holiday-related stress to minimizing the impact of all those delicious treats. Keep these 12 strategies in […]

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Fitness Resources to Make You A Better Personal Trainer

If you want to be a better trainer, you can up your game in no time by diving into the right fitness resources. These apps, podcasts, videos, blogs, books, and more will give you the guidance, skills, inspiration, data, and information to become a better personal trainer and help your clients meet and exceed their […]

AFPA Graduate Spotlight: Remy Park, Nutrition and Lifestyle Writer

During the last 25 years, we’ve certified over 110,000 professionals. To celebrate our 25th year in business, we’re selecting 25 grads to showcase this year. Meet our next featured grad, Remy Park, an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist, who has used her certification to help inform her blog and writing over at Veggiekins.