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What is Functional Nutrition?

Modern nutrition science likes to pretend that it simplifies the age-old question of what’s for dinner. In reality, most of us are more confused than ever. If you’re sick of struggling to sift through contradictory advice about optimal eating plans, it’s time to adopt a different framework—functional nutrition.

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14 Swaps for Healthier Halloween Treats

Halloween is a treat-filled holiday tradition that kicks-off the fall season. Staying healthy and avoiding food allergens shouldn’t put a damper on the fun though. Try these 14 healthier Halloween treat swaps to keep the holiday enjoyable and healthy! Water  Instead of sugary punch or sodas, say yes to water.  If you want, zero-calorie sparking […]

How to Build Your Network as A Nutrition Professional

Starting your own business as a nutritional professional is exciting. You get to set your own hours and help your clients make lasting positive changes in their health. You are also doing it solo, which can make drumming up business and networking a bit intimidating.