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How to Avoid the 3 Worst Personal Training Mistakes

“How To Avoid The 3 Worst Mistakes Any Personal Trainer Can Make (Not Knowing These May Be Costing You Thousands Of Dollars Per Year)!”

By Pat Necerato

Mistake 1: Trainers Not Properly Dealing With Procrastination

The biggest mistake personal trainers make is that they don’t properly deal with procrastination with each and every prospect. Procrastination is the reason why your prospects don’t buy your Training services.

Notice I didn’t say its most likely the reason they don’t buy or “one” of the reasons they don’t buy…procrastination is the only reason they don’t buy. “Oh but Pat you don’t understand, this person really didn’t have the time they have a packed schedule”, or, “Pat this person is different you see, they wanted to buy Training from me but right now they have a lot going on in their life…”..don’t worry, this happened to me all of the time as a trainer until I came up with a complete system that showed me how to destroy procrastination forever, and to get almost every qualified prospect to purchase my personal Training services from me that day.

Needless to say, for you to become financially successful as a personal trainer you need to learn to properly address, attack, and destroy procrastination during every sales presentation with every prospect and its not going to happen by saying one or two neat phrases or rebuttals.

That’s one of the reasons I created and the CAF Manual. One of the things it does is explains the complete system that I used to literally destroy procrastination in thousands of different prospects and to sell thousands of personal training sessions. I hate procrastination.

Its deceptive its sneaky, its disgusting and its probably costing you thousands of dollars in personal sales each month like it was me. For time purposes, I cant give you the entire system here but again I completely explain this technique in the ultimate personal training sales tool the CAF manual, but I can give you 2 elements of the technique right here and now.

First, You must be willing to attack procrastination head on with each and every prospect, that’s right, every prospect. You cant be fooled by enthusiastic prospects who swear they’re going to buy today, then in the end give you a boat load of excuses and put off their buying decision.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking, “I don’t have to worry about this prospect procrastinating, they told me there was nothing stopping them from buying plus they practically told me they’re definitely buying today! So remember, you must address procrastination and overcome with every prospect. Secondly, you must outright tell your prospect that the reason they wont buy training today (if any) is not going to be because of the time, its not going to be because of the money, the only reason people don’t get into the shape they want to be in is because of procrastination.

Tell your prospect that regardless of how important their goals are and regardless of how great of a trainer you are, you- nor anyone else-will be able to help them unless they stop procrastinating and make the commitment.

Now, before you can speak candidly with your prospect about procrastination you must take several other steps and then you must convincingly present the subject of procrastination with tact and skill. In the ultimate personal training sales tool the CAF manual, I show you completely how to do this and apply it to your personal situation so you can detect, destroy and overcome procrastination with practically every prospect.

Mistake 2: Trainers “Not” Refusing Clients

Why in the world would I want to teach you how to refuse clients? Refusing clients is the most effective way to sell personal training. Are you confused yet? Don’t be. Refusing clients is not what you think. Its not some prospect coming to you, wanting to purchase your personal training services and you refusing to sell them training.

Refusing clients has to do with the style of selling that will consistently pack your schedule with an endless stream of new clients. Refusing clients is partially an attitude that financially successful trainers possess which magnetically draws prospects into their sales presentation and opens the door of their emotions and true fitness goals.

I discovered this when I first started using the CAF techniques described at . The CAF actual stands for a form called the client analysis form. When I first started using the CAF and the techniques associated with it I couldn’t believe how fast and effectively I was selling personal training sessions.

So fast, that I didn’t want to ever sell without the CAF techniques and that’s how I learned about the power of refusing clients! I made a commitment that I would never try to sell another client for the rest of my life unless I used the CAF and all the other techniques described in the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool One time someone wanted me to give them my personal training rates without going through the CAF process.

I had to refuse. I told them that I don’t advertise my rates and only after I spend time with the potential client to find out if they have a purpose in buying personal training will I take their time to review my rates. In other words (I said) I only consider training those people that are willing to spend 15-20 minutes to go through my Personal analysis process (which happens to be part of the CAF process.)

If someone cant do that I typically refuse them as clients.
The person was perplexed, they said, “You mean to tell me that you’ll only give me your rate package if I spend time going through your personal analysis process?” I said, “that’s exactly right it only take 15 minutes, if your truly ready to get into the best shape of your life, 15 minutes isn’t going to matter.”

He finally agreed, spend the time with me going over the process and after 15 minutes wrote me a check for $650 for ten training sessions. Now, don’t you agree that if you had a tool like that you would want to use it with every prospect too?

Of course you would. If you’re not using a strategic, mesmerizing, emotion building, excitement generating process like the CAF, or if your laboring through your sales presentations and not selling at least 90% of the prospects you see on a regular basis, then the ultimate personal training sales tool will add dozens of new clients to your business within a very short period of time.

Why? When you have the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool you’ll want to make sure you use it with as many prospects as possible. You’ll want everyone to go through the process because you’ll know the ones that do, will end up buying that day.

Unfortunately some trainers are too anxious to give their rates hoping people will see them and buy right away. As a matter of fact, its exactly the opposite. When people see your rates it make them think.

Thinking usually means procrastination. However, when you use the ultimate personal training sales tool, you get the prospect so mesmerized and excited that by the time they see your rates, they are unable to say no regardless of your prices.

Mistake 3: Trainers “Not” Dealing With Objections

In order to sell personal training you must be willing to deal with objections during your sales presentation. You have a choice when you hear an objection from your prospect, you can either ignore the objection and hope it doesn’t get mentioned again, or you can deal with the objection head on.

For sure, dealing with the objection head on will be uncomfortable, and you may need to do that sometimes, but what if there was a way to deal with the objection before it happens so it never comes up at all!! There is a way to do this with every objection. One of the reasons I created the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool is because it allows trainers to deal effectively with objections before they happen. Imagine if price, procrastination, money, time, and other objections practically disappeared from your prospects vocabulary, obviously your closing percentage would go through the roof! That’s exactly what will happen when you use Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool…objections will be history and your personal training business will grow like crazy.

Through its mesmerizing (almost hypnotic) questioning process, the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool will eliminate your prospects objections and allow you to close the sale much faster and easier. Before I used the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool I used to miss many sales due to objections such as I’m not sure if I can afford personal training, or I’m not sure if I’m ready to make the commitment.

Some prospects would promise me they would be back to sign up tomorrow and then I’d never see them again.

The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool eliminates all this. Your prospect will not be able to give you any objection, and if they try, they’ll sound silly because the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool allows prospects to answer their own objections before they even happen, it works almost magically. How much money are objections costing you?

What if you were able to handle and eliminate every prospect objection just from the prospects you spoke to last week? Maybe you cant relate to any of this because maybe you don’t even hear objections because you really don’t have an effective sales presentation.

If so, I understand, I tried selling training the same way when I first started. I though just because I was in great shape and because I had lots of certification that people would immediately sign up with me. Boy was I misled.

That’s when I developed the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool. Not only does it eliminate objections but it also is a step-by-step systematic personal training sales approach that only takes 15 minutes to use with prospects and will have 6 out of 10 people paying for your services.

Veteran personal trainers have doubled their sales by throwing away their old way of selling using the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool.

See a complete description of the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool by going to (You can get a FREE Audio version of this article by going to

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