Food on the Go! Bars are Eating Up the Competition

The bar market is thriving amid hectic lifestyles, but read the ingredients list before substituting a meal.

Sell your oven. Empty your cupboards. There’s no need for a mixer or food processor. Keep the fridge for drinks, and maybe the blender. Eating has never been easier.

The trick? Bars, bars and more bars.

Vegan, chocolate, gluten-free, low-glycemic, raw, sugar-free, nutty, crunchy, gooey, for kids, for weightlifters, familiar old granola bars. Packed with protein, fiber, super-fruits — even some with sugar and fat. Bars for pregnant women, and the YaffBar that’s for you and your mutt to share. Lärabar’s Alt gets its protein from peas; another company harvests crickets for protein.


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