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Health & Fitness Retreats: On a Mission to Change Your Lifestyle

In a technology-driven age, where you are virtually connected to your job and other stress-related triggers around the clock, you likely need a break from reality. Let’s face it, we all do. When stress and other life hijacks surface, the activities we once enjoyed get kicked to the sidelines. It’s in this spirit that boutique fitness retreats across the globe have made a commitment to help their customers lead happier, healthier lives in locations such as, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Austin, Texas and Killington, Vermont—just to name a few.

Health and fitness retreats are influencing a healthier society

Luxury fitness retreats may represent a hefty price tag to some, but to others it can be life changing. “Destination spas deliver something woefully missing from traditional medical care: intensive, supportive fitness, nutrition/weight loss and stress-reduction programs – exactly what’s clinically proven to make lifestyle changes happen,” writes the staff at Spafinder.

Travelers are learning how to manage stress by starting their days with yoga, meditation or a high-intensity workout. While some activities are more rigorous than others, both men and women are learning to channel their emotions and alleviate stress and anxiety through these healthy exercises and activities. As you may have found in our blog, we’re huge advocates of pairing a healthy diet with fitness activities, so it should come to no surprise that we’re big fans of the daily meal plans offered at these sought-after health and fitness retreats. Guests can look forward to daily menus that consist of fresh, detoxifying foods that cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

Health and fitness retreats are out to change lives too, as much of the market focuses on empowering guests to make healthier life choices through inspiring lectures and educational sessions. So if you think the lifestyle changes stop after you return home, think again. Below you will find a few things you can benefit from after returning from a retreat:

  • Practice ways to connect to your mind and body
  • Gain a fresh new perspective
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety through meditation
  • Know how to detox from a poor diet, overuse of technology or toxic relationships
  • Replace old habits with ones that will benefit you for life

Finding a retreat that focuses on more than just losing weight, improving your overall health

When you hear “fitness retreat,” do you immediately think of weight management? While losing weight is certainly one aspect to the fitness retreat, the rising trend proves that it’s not just about shedding a few pounds. It’s about inspiring men and women to find a balance and lead a healthier lifestyle, both for their physical and mental well-being. When you’re on the search for a health and fitness retreat, look for one that offers a high-quality menu, appealing fitness programs and quality staff and accommodations. Most importantly, seek one that will address your needs and set you up for success.

“Answering the call is an elevated breed of fitness retreat that takes vacationing as seriously as sweating, writes Molly Creeden in a contribution to Vogue. “In destinations near and far, these getaways combine challenging classes (sometimes as many as four in a day) with scenic views, great food, and a team of trained experts in the service of pushing your workout to the next level.” So what are you waiting for?

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