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    Rudy Mawer is a CISSN and certified personal trainer who currently works as a research assistant at the University of Tampa under Dr. Jacob Wilson, aka "The Muscle Prof." Rudy also has a first-class honours degree in exercise, nutrition, and health, and is currently finishing a master's in exercise and nutrition science.

    5 Easy Ways to Reduce Hunger and Lose Fat Without Counting Calories

    Research shows that 90% of diets fail, with most re-gaining the weight (and even more!) over a 5 year period.  While there are lots of variable reasons why diets fail, one of the most important issues is constant hunger.  Of course, when it comes to fat loss, one of the most basic principles is being in an energy deficit - eating less total food or calories than you burn per day. This is where the well-known recommendation: “eat less and move more” came from.

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    How to Take Control and Optimize your Blood Sugar Levels

    The research linking elevated blood sugar to most diseases is frightening, but there are many research proven methods you will learn in this article on how to improve and manage your blood sugar level.  Over the long-term this will lead to improvements in general health and most other aspects of life, including improved brain function, energy levels, hormone health, fat loss, decreased disease risk and collectively, increased life expectancy!

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    Blood Sugar 101

    Blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, plays a key role in health, weight loss, performance, disease risk and life itself.  When blood sugar drops too low, we go into a coma and would, eventually, die. Contrastingly, if blood sugar levels stay elevated it can lead to serious health issues. 

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