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    Alcoholism Treatment: Why Do I Need Vitamins To Become Well?

    Alcoholism is not a personality defect. It is not a bad habit that needs to be broken. It is a devastating physical disease that damages both the mind and the body. Recovery is not just possible but proven here at Tully Hill Hospital. The results speaks for themselves: more than 80 percent of those treated at Tully Hill have broken their addiction to alcohol and drugs, maintained their sobriety, and regained their health at one year after treatment.

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    6 Tips for Training an Overweight or Obese Client

    At some point in your personal training career you may encounter the opportunity to train overweight or obese clients. If you are seasoned personal trainer or a newbie to personal training, you may find these tips for training overweight clients helpful!

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    Give extra care to the caregivers you train

    As seen in AFPA ENews

    Why it is important to give extra care to the caregivers you train!

    Kathy was a regular in Pilates class on Thursdays. Because I saw her from week to week, I was able to notice significant weight loss and increased lack of focus.

    Worried, I singled her out

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    What are the ingredients in a cigarette?

    Besides tobacco, these are other ingredients in your cigarette that you may not know about: plastic, pesticide, bleach and fiberglass.

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013 by: S. D. Wells

    (NaturalNews) Have you ever wondered why cigarettes don't go out in heavy wind and why they burn so evenly, all the way from one

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    What is Post-Rehabilitation?

    Managed care has created a need for patients/clients to seek alternative care for the management of their injuries/disease.
    Cut backs on reimbursement of services to traditional medical providers (e.g., physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors) have provided an opportunity to develop medically supervised fitness programs or post rehabilitation. For many years a

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