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7 Simple Hacks to Develop a Morning Routine to Set the Mood for the Day

For many people, what they do in the morning dictates how the rest of the day will be. Positive thoughts in the morning will give you a day filled with positivity. Negative thoughts on the other hand, will have you a negativity filled day.  There are a few things we can do in your morning routine to set the mood for the day.

These are:

Always wake up early.

As hard as it is to drag our bodies out of bed, it is good to make a habit of waking up early. Try as hard as you can not to listen to that inner voice that tells you to sleep for a few more minutes. Those few minutes you decide to sleep some more can cause you to lose a major business deal or a job offer.

When you make it a habit of waking up early every day, it quickly becomes routine and you stop sleeping past the time you have gotten used to.


Some morning exercise is very rejuvenating. You can do your exercises from the comfort of your home. You can jog, or visit your local gym.

Morning exercises do not have to be necessary strenuous. Simple exercises like stretching will do your body and mind a lot of good.

Work out your abs and muscles by setting up a pull up bar at home. A pull up bar on the doorway is easy to put up and working on a pull up bar does your body and mind a lot of good.

Spend about 20 -30 minutes on exercises every morning and you will be good to go.

Eat a healthy breakfast

To function well, the body and mind need to be well nourished. Eating healthy will make sure you have a day of not worrying about a rumbling stomach as you go about your daily chores. Choose foods rich in all the nutrients for the better health of your mind and body.

Avoid fatty and very sugary things as much as possible. Fatty foods will give you heartburns and acid reflux. It is very uncomfortable to carry on with whatever you are doing when you have a bloated stomach or acid reflux disturbing you.

A heart disease is a long term effect of eating fatty foods. So avoid fats as much as possible as you start your day.

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Though not everyone believes in prayer, those that do will agree that saying a prayer every morning before doing anything else, gives one inner peace. Asking God for guidance on the day ahead gives one some kind of surety that all will be well. Starting the day with the feeling that God is on your side is great.


Have some time for yourself. Do away with any negative feelings you might have woken up with and think about what you want to do for the day. Think about what you want for yourself. Set your daily intentions and meditate about them. Seek for inner strength to help you get through and achieve what you want to accomplish.

Some people love to meditate in complete silence while others will meditate to the sound of soft music. If you love to meditate while listening to music, then put on the music that best inspires you and put your mind in the right frame to kick start your day.

If you love to meditate as you do yoga, then set up a mat in your living room or bedroom and meditate.

Appreciate yourself

Before you leave the house in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and fall in love with the person looking back at you. Self-love and self-appreciation are very important if you have to spend the day with confidence. Be confident of who you are and what you can achieve. Love yourself first before you get love from other people. You can even go further and smile at self. Smiling at self in the morning helps you to keep the smile going throughout the day.

Make sure whatever you chose to wear is pleasing to your eyes.

Make a list

Before starting off the day, we all have targets or accomplishments we want to reach  before the end of the day. It is good to list them down. Prioritize them with the most important one or the one that needs to be reached first. Then follow the list as you go along.

Making a list helps in planning your day. Start off with a small list. Remember, you can’t accomplish everything you would love to in a day.

You will notice what a relief it is by the end of the day, when you have accomplished what you had set out to do.

Wake up feeling cheerful every morning. Workout regularly for fitness and health. Smile and walk out the door with confidence. What you do in the morning, dictates how your day will be.

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