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7 Healthy Living Accounts You Should Follow on Social Media Now

As someone passionate about healthy living, chances are you’ve noticed an uptick in the amount of people transforming their lives through healthy living with a focus on fitness and wellness. If you’re curious why the health and wellness industry seems more popular now than ever, it’s all about social media.

Social media is all about building and nurturing a digital community by sharing ideas and information, as well as asking and answering questions. But social media has us plugged into the lives of our friends, families, and even celebrities 24/7, which makes it difficult to hear through the noise and find value—especially when it comes to health and wellness. We’re following seven people and brands on social media that you should be, too. Here they are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter:

1. Livegreenhealthy

is a space created to bring passionate foodies from around the world together to bond over delicious, healthy recipes—from chickpea cookies to kale salad to anything and everything made with avocado. Livegreenhealthy also now has a marketplace of independent vendors from throughout the U.S. that offer some of the tools and snacks featured on the brand’s tantalizing Instagram feed. If you love eating the rainbow, you’re going to love Livegreenhealthy’s social stream.

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2. Alexis Joseph

Better known as the
Hummusapien, Alexis Joseph is a dietician and blogger passionate about helping brands, restaurants, individuals, and more “foster a more nourishing relationship with food.” She’s also known for founding Alchemy, a unique juice bar with a passion for approachability and a focus on viewing food from all angles: socially, environmentally, and nutritionally. Her Instagram feed—filled with delicious, vibrant whole foods dishes with a side of rainbow donuts—is good enough to eat.

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3. Cait’s Plate

Caitlyn Elf is a registered dietician, blogger, and mom—not to mention social media powerhouse—who posts healthy meal plans, balanced and easy recipes, and plenty of peeks into her jampacked life. Her
Instagram feed is like a cookbook we all want to own, if only to stare at the delicious, colorful, and balanced plates of healthy food. In most recipe posts, Cait dishes out valuable tidbits, whether the meal’s heart-healthy qualities or a tip to ease prep and cooking.

Find Cait’s Plate on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Web

4. Nutrition in the Kitch

Christal Sczebel is a
Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (CHNC), mom, and passionate food blogger behind Nutrition in the Kitch. Her website and social media feeds are chock-full of glimpses into her real-food creations—and her real life as a busy mom. If you believe that healthy food should taste great and make you feel even better, then you’re going to love Christal’s clever take on indulgent recipes with a healthy twist. As a CHNC, she also offers a unique point of view when it comes to the health and wellness industry in the social media space.

Find Nutrition in the Kitch on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Web

5. Organic Olivia


DID YOU KNOW THAT LEG MUSCLE = BRAIN HEALTH? I guess thick thighs really do save lives! I talked about this in my stories yesterday, so if you prefer a video/verbal breakdown of why leg workouts are important for your mind go watch! ✨ We already know that brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels can increase in the bloodstream by up to 32% directly after workouts (which is incredible, because this protein is nicknamed “miracle-gro for the brain”)! Yet it also seems that the MUSCLE and strength you build over time, long after the initial workout is complete, may be extremely beneficial & protective as well. ✨ One study that supports this notion was carried out in London and involved over 150 pairs of twins. Their leg strength was tested at the beginning of the study using equipment that measured both speed & muscle power. Their “brain power” was then measured using computerized tests for memory & cognition. The twin who had greater leg strength at the start of the study no only performed better on the cognitive tasks, but also had fewer brain changes associated with aging 10 YEARS DOWN THE LINE! ✨ Another study perfomed on mice restricted the animals from using their hind legs (but not their front legs) for 28 days. At the end of the 28 days, researchers examined a part of their brains called the sub-ventricular zone (which is where we create the neural stem cells that promote neuron growth). They found that limiting hind leg exercise in the mice decreased their neural stem cell production by 70%! And the neurons they DID make, didn’t fully mature in the absence of exercise. Links to both studies are in my stories ✨ As a wise soul once said, never skip leg day! It seems to be even more important for the mind than it is for the physique. Plus it’s an absolute privilege to be able to get up each morning and move our legs – never take it for granted! Remember how much you can do for your brain & overall health for FREE with simple daily movement ❤️

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Reasons we love Organic Olivia’s social media feeds? She delivers a healthy balance of inspirational content, facts on foods, and ways to boost wellness, as well as products to make it all happen. Olivia’s brand was born out of a personal battle against her own chronic illnesses—and she won. Now, on Organic Olivia, she delivers information and reviews about the best products available to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Find Organic Olivia on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Web

6. Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley has become a household name as a yoga instructor and body positivity advocate through her
Yoga for All Bodies. According to Stanley, the reason she does yoga is “to be kind to myself, and to do that so that I’m able to reflect compassion into the world.” Based in Durham, North Carolina, Jessamyn’s social media feeds are full of honesty and inspiration for people at every stage in the healthy living journey. Stanley shows that anyone of any weight and from any background can do yoga and choose an inspired, healthy lifestyle.

Find Jessamyn Stanley on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Web

7. The Toasted Pine Nut

Whether you’re in love with
clean eating or not, if The Toasted Pine Nut’s social media feeds don’t make you want to get in the kitchen, we don’t know what will. Lindsay is a food photographer, wife, mother, and passionate blogger who loves making low-carb, gluten-free, healthy, and delicious food (think: Everything Bagel Sweet Potato Fries + Chipotle Ketchup). As you can imagine, being a foodie and photographer means Lindsay’s Instagram feed is mouth-watering. But she isn’t just about healthy, tasty food—she also dishes out recipes for homemade beauty products.

Find The Toasted Pine Nut on Instagram | | Facebook | Twitter | Web

Maybe you already have a vibrant social media following, or maybe you’re just getting started and are passionate about delivering healthy living tips and guidance online. Either way, if you’re ready to enter the health and wellness industry, our 8 Step Guide to Becoming a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant could be what you need in order to turn your passion for healthy living into a career—and a vibrant social media following, too.

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