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5 Places That Are Hiring Holistic Health Coaches

Gaining education and experience in holistic health can offer numerous benefits, from giving you insights into your own health and self-care to assisting others who can benefit from advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Another big reason to focus on holistic health coaching? You can often choose from a variety of work environments, doing full-time or part-time coaching—even in addition to having your own coaching business. Here are some places to consider for your holistic health coaching career:

Colleges and Universities

Although college-level sports teams can use holistic health coaches, it’s not just the athletes who can benefit from your insights. Many colleges and universities use health professionals for students, faculty, and staff, as a way to reduce stress and boost overall wellness for everyone on campus.

Larger colleges and universities may employ these coaches on a full-time basis—sometimes as part of a campus wellness effort—while smaller schools could be ideal for independent consultants. For example, Towson University in Maryland has a campus wellness staff, and is currently hiring an Assistant Director of Health Education and Promotion. A holistic health coach would likely have the relevant skills to take on a university position such as this.

Wellness Centers, Spas, and Gyms

As interest in healthy lifestyle changes and wellness blooms, the number of centers specializing in these services is growing, particularly at resorts and retreats. These centers might combine fitness classes, organic food, nature vistas, and massages to help visitors relax and recharge.

Holistic health coaches can be part of this team, providing insights into how guests can keep that healthy feeling even after they return home. Gyms are also expanding their offerings in order to stand out from competitors, and many offer more than just personal training. For instance, LA Fitness in Vancouver, WA is hiring a full-time Health & Wellness Coach.


Companies of every size are implementing employee wellness programs, offering incentives for healthy lifestyle changes like smoking cessation, regular exercise, and health screenings.

As these programs become more robust, holistic health coaches can provide ongoing and tailored insights to meet employee needs. Larger corporations are able to invest in their employees’ health. This job posting for a Wellness Coach at Accenture indicates that the position will involve both group sessions and one-on-one coaching of employees. From making changes to what’s offered in the employee cafeteria to helping establish weight loss support groups and customizing meal plans, holistic health coaches can be an integral part of the success of employee wellness initiatives.

Weight Loss Programs

Even well-established diet programs have been making major changes in the past few years, moving away from restrictive plans in order to focus on healthy eating behaviors. Many have acknowledged that deprivation and overly rigid diet programs can lead to yo-yo weight issues that are ultimately unhealthy for clients.

As these programs shift toward a better model, holistic health coaches fit in beautifully. Bringing expertise about the impact of lifestyle changes, coaches can help clients to establish better habits for themselves for the long-term so they can maintain weight loss. Even smaller weight loss programs or groups, like those that might meet in gyms or community education centers, can be a source of income for holistic health coaches who are adept at putting together workshops and classes. For example, this consultant position offers a variety of options, from full-time work to contractor.  


Training Centers

Holistic health coaches can be a strong addition to sports-specific training centers that cater to professional and amateur athletes. Often, those who are training need a range of strategies that don’t just encompass nutrition for optimal performance, but also stress management and recovery tactics.

As a professional who consults with individual athletes and teams, you may have the opportunity to be part of a larger effort to fuel greater athletic advancement for these clients. Their success and achievements will also be yours, and that can be very satisfying for coaches. The University of Rhode Island is hiring a Nutrition Specialist, and their responsibilities will include consulting with student athletes and accepting referrals from Health Services.

Some holistic health coaches prefer to have their own businesses and consult on a regular basis for all of the above types of places. Some existing practices are looking to partner with holistic health professionals in order to offer more services to their clients and grow their network. Revive Atlanta MD is looking to work with a holistic health coach who would take ownership of their practice. With many options for where you could work as a holistic health coach, you have the opportunity to keep expanding your business and optimizing your revenue sources, in addition to helping clients live their best lives.

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