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15 Tips On How To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays


Want to avoid dreaded weight gain over the holiday season? These tips will help you stay on track!

1. Eat Before the Holiday Party

Showing up hungry is a recipe for disaster. Grab a quick healthy snack before you head to a holiday party so you’re not tempted to eat the unhealty, calorie rich foods while you’re there.

2. Keep Track of Your Weight 

During the holiday season, remember to weigh yourself several times a week and be aware of how your clothes are fitting, to keep yourself more accountable. If your overeating at those holiday parties, you’ll notice it on the scale and with your clothes are fitting tighter.

3. Drink Responsibly

If you’re going to consume alcohol, try to do it with as little calories as possible. Mix liquor with club soda or go for a light beer. If wine is being served, mix it with sparkling water to make your calories go further.

4. Divert Your Focus

It’s easy to focus on all the delicious food in front of you at a holiday party. However, try to divert your attention to the reason you’re really there: to celebrate and spend time with friends and loved ones.


5. Don’t Skip Your Workout

Even on busy days around the holidays, make sure to get your workout in — even if it’s a short one. By taking the time to exercise (even on the day of a holiday party), you’ll have more willpower to resist overeating because you won’t want to negate the benefits your workout.

6. Say No to Leftovers

If attending a holiday party or family celebration, be prepared to be offered leftovers. Don’t take them! You don’t want the temptation in your fridge. If you’re the one hosting, make sure to give away as many baggies of leftovers to your guests as you possibly can.

7. Bring Healthy Alternatives

You can’t always count on there being healthy food options at a holiday party, so consider bringing your own. This way, you’ll know that there will at least be something there you can snack on without feeling guilty or totally depriving yourself.

8. Fill Up a Smaller Plate

If a holiday meal is being served buffet style, grab a smaller plate (such as a salad plate) instead of a regular-sized plate. This will help you limit your portion sizes without feeling like you’re depriving yourself in the process. If smaller plates aren’t provided, grab a large plate but fill at least half of it with low-calorie options, such as steamed vegetables.

9. Sip Water Before You Eat

Drinking water can help you feel fuller faster, so grab a tall glass of water and drink some of it before and during your meal. As soon as you begin to feel full, that’s your cue to stop eating.

10. Wear Something Form-Fitting

What better way to avoid overeating at a holiday party than to wear something tight and form-fitting? Whether it’s a pair of already-tight pants or a form-fitting dress, surely you’ll want to avoid overeating.

11. Exercise Your Willpower

Be prepared for lots of comments from your loved ones, trying to push food on you and asking why you’re not eating like they are. Come up with responses ahead of time, and explain to your loved ones that you’re trying to eat healthy and maintain your weight.

12. Follow the “Three Bite Rule”

If you do decide to indulge in a little dessert (which you should, if you want), limit yourself to the “three bite” rule. Rather than grabbing a huge slice of pie or eating an entire cookie, enjoy just three bites. This way, you can still indulge without overdoing it.

13. Slow Down and Chew

The more you chew and actually enjoy your food, the fuller you’ll feel (with less food). Make an effort to chew each bite at least 20 times before you swallow. This will also help to reduce bloat and discomfort, which can occur when you eat too fast and get too much air in your stomach.

14. Take a Break Before Grabbing Seconds

If you finish your first plate of food and are contemplating seconds, make a vow to yourself that you’ll wait at least 15 minutes before you get up and grab that second plate. More than likely, in those 15 minutes, you’ll forget all about the food and will be able to skip on the second plate altogether. If you’re still hungry, grab seconds of a healthy option, like vegetables.

15. Think Ahead

Finally, when you’re at a holiday gathering and tempted to pig out on foods that you know aren’t healthy, always think ahead to how you’re going to feel if you do indulge too much. You’re going to be disappointed in yourself and regret your decision, so why put yourself in that situation? Make yourself proud.


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