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AFPA Testimonials


  • I got into fitness and running about 5 years ago after I decided that taking care of myself was just as important as taking care of my 3 girls - teen, toddler & baby.  My initial success 5 years ago (dropping 20 lbs and 22") was short lived; either life or health got in my way of keeping a fit body.  Last summer (2015), I was frustrated at the progress I wasn't making in the 9 months I had been religiously going to the gym, joined a Saturday run group and competing in multiple races (5k - marathon). 

    I've always been active, but the look of my body didn't suggest so.  That's when I decided to become my own personal trainer and nutritionist. No one knows my body more than I do, right?! But even I had to learn everything about it; what it likes to eat, what exercises work best, what supplements to take, etc.

    I found AFPA online, purchased their Master Personal Trainer Certification course along with the Youth Fitness Specialist Certification course (as one day I want to open my own family fitness & performing arts center). It has been one of the best investments ever! Even better than having my Bachelor of Science degree.  I have learned so much from the courses, that I truly have become my own trainer – currently doing my first online body transformation competition using the workouts I’ve created. I started tracking my nutrition; setting up my own calorie and macro goals along with what micronutrients and supplements work best for my body.

    I’ve incorporated more of my sports conditioning knowledge into my workouts so not only will I have a fit physique, but an athletic one as well to continue competing in races. AND, I just started instructing a new Parent/Child fitness class at one of our middle schools! It’s a lot of hard work on my part, but I wouldn’t be where I am today and the opportunities I have in the future, without AFPA. I still have a few more certifications I’ll be purchasing in the future, but I’m very happy to have found such a great organization.
    Thank you AFPA!! - K. Lavoie
  • Awesome. Great Program! I am so happy with this Nutrition & Wellness Consultant course, and have highly recommended it to several others! It is the best program out there!! Kudos to you-Thanks! - C. Healings
  • I had a great experience with AFPA. I was able to study at my own pace and complete my course in my own time. I feel like I received a great wealth of knowledge that I can now share with others to help with meeting their lifestyle goals. – E. Burton
  • My learning experience while going through the AFPA Certification process was fantastic! The course was perfect for people with little or no previous experience while remaining challenging for a seasoned professional. I am the founder of The Better Health Network, an organization to help educate people worldwide about the latest advances in nutritional supplements and weight loss programs. My learning experience through AFPA helped me to better understand the clinical studies that I use on a daily basis, so that I am better able to explain their significance to my clients. I am looking forward to a long relationship with AFPA and will promote the certification process wherever possible. I feel the experience and materials were an excellent value for the investment cost. Thank you. – L. Sugden
  • It was an absolute delight going through the AFPA certification process. I have received my certifications both in Personal Training & Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. I will recommend AFPA to anyone interested in the Fitness/Nutrition field. – D. Lindstrom
  • I would like to tell you that after obtaining my AFPA Personal Trainer certification last year my training career took off. First of all, I learned a vast quantity of information at the seminar, but preparing the exam gave me the reinforcement of your information that gave me the confidence I needed to become successful. I work in a local community center where within three months of passing your exam I was given a supervisory position. Six months later I was promoted to the head trainer position at the facility. – D. Steinberg
  • This is an amazing program that not only taught me about health and wellness, but more about lifestyles and how I can live and eat better. I can't wait to enroll in my next course! – S. Hall
  • My learning experience was very enlightening. I feel that the choice of text for the Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification program was well written. I appreciate the ability to complete this course at my leisure while still attending school and work. I look forward to future courses & training offered through AFPA.- B. Dombroski
  • Thank you so much AFPA! Our team loved all the great information you provided in your Weight Management Certification program.  We will be enrolling in the Holistic Nutrition Certification program next! — T. Granby
  • The self-study, self paced educational process through AFPA was perfect. Having an education specialist available to answer questions via email and phone was really helpful! Thank you! - H. Nixon
  • My experience with AFPA and completion of the Holistic Nutrition program was wonderful! I was able to study as I needed and I had direct contact with my education advisor. I'm looking forward to taking my next certification course – Personal Trainer. Thank you!  - C. Brinely
  • The AFPA Nutrition & Wellness program was easy to enroll in, begin and complete. I completed the courses on my time, which was a major influence in my decision to go through AFPA. I have encouraged my co-workers to complete the AFPA Master Nutrition program- K. Lederman
  • I can honestly say that getting my certificates from AFPA have changed mine, any my family’s lives for the better. Knowledge is power! And what a shame that so many people are eating themselves to death. I am very excited to a part of the AFPA community and I believe I will continue to make a change in others around me.  I cannot thank you enough! - N. Zagales
  • Thank you so much.  This is now the third certification I currently hold through the AFPA and couldn't be happier with the courses or the organization. – D. Baker
  • Thank you so much for letting me know, you're the best!  Also wanted to let you all know that I love the variety of CEU's you're now offering.  There's so much to choose from it's great!  - L. Ashby 
  • Thank you for the response and continued support.  AFPA offers excellent educational programs and opportunities.  I appreciate and value the learning experience and look forward to continuing promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. - B. Wood 
  • Great! Thank you so much! I absolutely love the course, I think is well put together and I will recommend it to my friends. I love the DVD also. Well done!  Happy New Year!! – D. Ciubuc 
  • Thank you so much for all the information! It was very helpful and I am grateful to be able to get the credits I need in the subject I want to study. I am having a lot of success teaching tai chi to my wheelchair folks as well as my senior classes, and I feel I am really doing something to improve their lives as well as their general health, and it all started with the certification as a Senior Fitness Specialist through AFPA! Thank you again! - J. Barone
  • Thank you so much! I have learned so much in this program and I am so looking forward to using everything I have learned! - Lauren Roberts
  • In closing, can I just say that having become a certified fitness professional 30 years ago, I feel privileged to have been a part of the fitness and exercise journey…I appreciate the work that AFPA does to ensure that its members are provided with wonderful guidance, information, and training so that we can carry out our mission. Staying Fit & Happy - A. Toilefson

  • The courses I have taken through AFPA are continuing to further my business and reach into my community.  Next month, I will be moving to a new location and become part of an orthopedics facility.  AFPA is awesome!!! Thanks to AFPA, I am able to not just have a career but love doing it and have a positive affect on my community and surrounding counties. - D Bell
  • I want to thank AFPA for again giving me such great material to work with and every certification I receive through your organization makes me very proud.  I live in a very small town and the gym I currently work at is really my home.  I lover being a Group Fitness Instructor, and am so excited to branch out into Personal Training.  I have been a Group Fitness Instructor for over 5 years now and know without a doubt fitness is my passion.  I look forward to expanding my knowledge even further and believe that every day I learn something new. – C. Ila Thibaut
  • Having just received my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification, I am so pleased and excited to officially embark on my new career. Thanks, again, for putting together such a well-designed and comprehensive course, and for the quick and friendly personal responses to my phone calls and emails while engaged in the studies. – C. Ristow 
  • If is was not for AFPA and the certifications they offer I wouldn't have the knowledge to help me launch my energy bar, 3BAR nationwide.  3BAR is an all natural, organic, vegan, kosher, wheat-free, gluten-free, cholesterol free, and GMO free energy bar.  I am currently selling in over 100 stores nationwide from Colorado to New York and all over the state of Florida. I have been featured in Triathlete Magazine, St. Petersburg Times and now have my own weekly radio show on Sports Radio 1470 am! Thanks for your consideration!  – E. DeMarines, CEO
  • I LOVED this course! The Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification program was very informative, and I learned a lot from it! I am looking forward to helping others with their weight problems. Two years ago I gained 110 pounds during my pregnancy. I had always struggled with my weight in the past. When I got married I started a strict vegetarian diet, worked out 5 days a week, and was successful weighing in at 130 pounds. But when we got pregnant, I just did not work at it any more! After I had my son I weighed 245 pounds, and found it very hard to do the "every day chores" it took to take care of my husband and our new baby! At that point I decided it was time for me to GET HEALTHY; for my family. I got back to my vegetarian diet, and went to the gym 6 days a week. I am happy to say that in only a year, I lost 110 pounds and weigh a HEALTHY 130 pounds!! After going through my weight struggles, it inspired me to want to help others with their problems as well. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! After taking this course I am even more inspired to reach my goal as a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant!  Thank you & God Bless! - L. Taylor Casey
  • I do not know if you got my earlier e mail, but I really did love your book. I went vegan right after watching the video. I also gave up caffeine, sugar, white flour and alcohol. Tofu and udon noodles are awesome and I never would have ventured into that realm before. I was really nervous that I wouldn't have enough energy for my 7 mile runs and workouts, but, that's not the case. I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon every now and then, and succumb to some chocolate, but, because of the nutritional information contained in your book and the Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification course material, I will never return to my carnivorous ways.  Thank you so much. - A. Fincomb

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