Best Supplements for Prostate Cancer, Male Infertility and Fibromyalgia



This two-hour video presentation features the discussion of topics related to holistic health and nutrition. The presentation includes written transcripts for each topic as well as comprehensive linked references for further research.

Course Curriculum

Holistic Nutrition Topics covered:

  • Best Supplements for Prostate Cancer
  • How Lead Pain Industry Got Away with It
  • Lead in the Drinking Water
  • How Lead Gas Industry Got Away with It
  • “Normal” Blood Lead Levels Can Be Toxic
  • Effects of Low-Level Lead Exposure
  • How to Lower Lead Levels with Diet Part 1
  • How to Lower Lead Levels with Diet Part 2
  • Best Foods for Lead Poisoning Part 1
  • Best Foods for Lead Poisoning Part 2
  • Can Vitamin C Help with Lead Poisoning?
  • Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility?
  • The Role of Burger Viruses in Cancer
  • Microbiome: We Are What They Eat
  • Best Aromatherapy Herb for Alzheimer’s
  • Natural Treatment for Ace
  • Controversy Over the Trans Fat Ban
  • Banning Trans Fat in Processed Foods
  • Best Food for Sexual Dysfunction
  • Food Industry Wants Public Confused
  • What Does Low WBC Count Mean?
  • What is the Ideal WBC Count?
  • Best Supplements for Fibromyalgia
  • Fermented or Unfermented Soy Foods?
  • Soy Foods for Prostate Cancer Prevention
  • Treating Heart/Kidney Failure with Diet

Expanded Discussion Topics:

What Are the Best Supplements for Prostate Cancer?
Pomegranates and prostate cancer, gave a bunch of cancer patients some pomegranates to eat, and the cancer slowed down, 

Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility
Is the vitamin C just lowering the oxidative stress from the lead, or actually lowering the level of lead? Sure, antioxidant supplementation can have antioxidant effects, but may fail to actually lower lead levels in the blood. Now, this was in a group of lead workers that were breathing the stuff day in and day out, and the way vitamin C may work is to just block the “intestinal absorption of lead”.

Best Supplement for Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia patients were given up to 2400 units of D a day for 20 weeks; and their D levels rose up to about 50 and then, once they stopped the vitamin D, levels came back down to match the placebo. That was reflected in their pain scores, a significant drop in pain severity while they were on the D and then, back to baseline when they came off of it.​

Soy Foods for Prostate Cancer Prevention
Prostate cells carry beta type estrogen receptors, which appear to act as tumor suppressors, kind of a “‘gatekeeper’…inhibiting invasion [and] proliferation,” and preventing the prostate cells from turning cancerous in the first place. And, those are the receptors targeted by the phytoestrogens in soy, like genistein, which inhibits prostate cancer cell invasion and spread in a petri dish at the kinds of levels one might get consuming soy foods. The prevention of metastases is critical, as death from prostate cancer isn’t caused by the original tumor, but it’s spread throughout the body, which explains recommendations for men with prostate cancer to consume soy foods as well.

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