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Top Personal-Trainer Certifications for Business Growth

We all come to a crossroads in our lives when we have to make a significant choice. For many, this concerns their careers. 

As a personal trainer, you incorporate constant variety including new clients, new workout routines and fresh playlists in your everyday work. But what about employment opportunities? While you certainly have a variety of environments to choose from with a personal-trainer certification, you may crave something different if you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career.

Grow your career with these top personal-trainer certifications

Opportunities for career advancement in personal training

Now that you have been immersed in the industry, it’s time to see what else is out there in the realm of personal training. There are a variety of different ways you can pursue a career beyond the basics of personal training. Let’s take a deeper dive:

Advanced Personal Trainer: As an advanced trainer, you will have the skills you need to develop goal-oriented exercise programs for a variety of individuals. Beyond the basics you learned in the Personal-Trainer course, you will have the formal training you need to address all nine essential fitness components, including power, strength, speed, quickness, coordination, agility, flexibility, local muscular endurance and cardiovascular aerobic capacity and endurance.

Master Personal Trainer: With this level of education, you can set yourself apart from others by means of the your level of educational development, expertise, professionalism and commitment to the health and fitness industry. While this certification program covers the basics of personal training, it also combines a number of other certification programs, including advanced personal training, nutrition and wellness consultation and sports conditioning.

Personal Trainer for Special Populations: This certification course focuses on exercise for special populations, understanding the limitations for various groups of people and how to modify exercise to meet their needs. Graduates are prepared to design and implement effective exercise programs for the following categories: youth, seniors and pre/post pregnancy as well as people with disabilities or chronic diseases.


Opportunities for career advancement outside of training

If you are thinking of growing your career outside of one-on-one or group fitness-training, there are a variety of ways to achieve this, such as acquiring a certification in post-rehab exercise, senior fitness, sports conditioning, strength and conditioning and functional training. Whichever direction you decide to pursue, be sure to map it back to your career goals, objectives and, of course, your passion. For more information on acquiring a professional certification in the fields of fitness, personal training, sports performance, wellness and nutrition, click here.


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