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The Top 15 Health & Fitness Articles for February


February is the month of St. Valentine’s Day and supposed to be all about love, hopefully including self love! It’s also the month when people may start to struggle with those New Year’s resolutions that seemed like such good ideas in January.

Following the same theme, we think you’ll love these February articles about nutrition, personal training, and fitness! They can help keep dieters on track and help people cope with common problems that everybody seems to struggle with.


If it’s hard to stay active during the day because of some excess weight, this report on Science Daily may offer a boost. According to a University of Bath study, a good breakfast may help overweight people stay more active all day.

Everybody’s got that one friend who stays thin without apparent effort. This infographic from Cornell may help reveal how they do it.

Most people have probably cheated on their New Year’s resolutions by February and that’s OK. This video from Newsy provides evidence that a little self forgiveness and the ability to move on helps people lose more weight in the long run.

Here’s yet anther reason for pregnant moms to eat a diet that is rich in vitamin D. According to a Mount Sinai Health System report, this dietary nutrient might reduce the risk of having children that are born with allergies.

Genes may not totally determine if a person is meant to struggle with their weight. However, a research team from McGill has discovered that one gene my influence food preferences, especially for girls and in combination with socioeconomic background.


Personal Training

Does lower back pain limit lifting routines? Dr. Rusin says that most lifters suffer from lower back pain at one time or another and he offers some suggestions to power through it in an intelligent way.

Most women probably think that push ups are pretty simple to do right, even if it’s difficult for beginners to do a lot of them. Tony Gentlcore says it takes time to get this common exercise right and corrects to most common mistakes that females make.

There actually is such a thing as a workout hangover that’s caused by excess cortisol, a stress hormone. T Nation offers a healthy, balanced, and natural approach to keep from feeling wrung out after training sessions.

Luke Mitchell believes that strength training begins in the mind, as do many other activities that require both skill and strength. Learn how to improve strength training with active mental imaging.

When it comes to cardio or strength training, is it possible to do too much of a good thing? This article by Eat More 2 Weigh Less can help readers know when to say, “When!”


Depression can become a health issue. University College in London says that technology may provide an effective solution with virtual reality therapy.

There are other effective, non-medical weapons to use to combat depression. According to a study from Rutgers, a combination of exercise and meditation can substantially reduce symptoms for many people.

There has been some recent news about the ways that exercise and fitness can help increase bone density as women age. The University of Missouri says this is true for men too!

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of diets that promise to help people lose weight. However, a new study from Johns Hopkins says that it may be difficult for people with health-threatening obesity to find a reliable diet.

Most people actually have control over their risk for heart disease. However, this is still a big threat, and there is one threat that almost everybody struggles with, according to LifeBridge Health.


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