What is the Salary of a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer Salary Info

Before you decide become a Certified Personal Trainer you may be interested to know how much money the average personal trainer can earn. There are a variety of variables that can influence this: location, level of experience, job specifications, level of education and number & variety of certifications you currently hold.

Ranges for Personal Trainer Salary

A recent report by CNN states the median salary for Personal Trainers is $56,000 and the top salary range is $128,000. If you have your ow personal trainer business you earn in the top salary range.

Factors Affecting Personal Trainer Salary

The following factors may influence how much you make as a personal trainer.

Working for yourself or for an employer – Many personal trainers work for gyms, health or fitness clubs. Working for a facility has limitations when it comes to salary caps. If you are an independent personal trainer or have your own personal trainer business you create your own pay scale and client pricing, in addition to taking on as many personal trainer clients as you can handle.

Region –A Personal trainer located in small town can not make as much as one in a larger metropolitan city. If you located in the midwest personal trainers typically do not make as much as much as a personal trainer located on the West Coast or East Coast.

Education and Certifications – Exercise Science Degrees and Personal Trainer certifications and Specialty Fitness Certifications can help you command a much higher rates.

Experience – If you are relatively new to the personal trainer profession you will typically not earn as much as your seasoned coworkers.

Many variables need to be considered when it comes to determining personal trainer salaries. Of importance is your passion and enthusiasm to help others achieve their health and fitness goals!

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