Personal Trainer Jobs Up By 24%

In a recent article by CNN, there are over 251,400 certified personal trainers currently working in the United States, the industry is known as a highly competitive environment.

A recent report by CNN Money states personal training will become even more competitive in the next 10 years, as the number of certified personal trainers is predicted to rise significantly. Now is the time to become a certified personal trainer.

Personal training is Ranked No. 18 on the news outlet’s Best Jobs in America, the demand for personal trainers is expected to increase 24 percent by 2022. Given that the number of people classified as either overweight or obese has climbed to 67 percent in recent years, many consider the growth a good sign. Find out more about becoming a certified personal trainer.

Read more about the CNN Money report and how personal trainer salaries compare with professionals in other industries by clicking here.

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