Good Nutrition–Good Living

Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition–Good Living

What is the secret to a healthy, strong, sexy and sound body and mind? It is common Sense and a Sensible Diet. It is activity and balance of work and play and rest. It is in your head and your hands and your home more-so than simply what you are putting in your mouth.

Sure you have heard the metaphor used many a times – forgive me if it sounds redundant, yet it is such an appropriate comparison. You love your car – or at least you
appreciate its functional benefits (perhaps even more so when its minus most anything
outside and the wind chills make it feel even colder).

You keep fueling up as needed to keep it going no matter what the cost of gasoline and
you know damn well if you put the wrong fuel or a dreadfully poor grade into your tank,
it is not going to run very well. If you continue to neglect your vehicle without the regular oil changes, the lube job, the fluid additions, air for the tires, regular detoxing of the salt and mud, clear runs in the country for the engine, etc… your car is not going to run at its best or perhaps it will not run at all.

The MOST Important Vehicle you will ever have!

This article is all about your body and why you need to decide it is worthy of tender loving attention on a daily basis. It is about the need to plan for just that in the midst of your ‘oh so busy’ day. In reality, you don’t really have an option on this if you really want to do your best with all those other responsibilities you have presently chosen to make more important than the care taking of yourself. If you really are indispensable to the endless tasks that stand between you and self-care, then perhaps you need a reminder that taking care of You – the hot commodity that You are, is damn important and worthy of prioritized attention.

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer: (Author and well known international speaker) If you want to achieve a particular objective you have to really, really, really, really, really want it.

Taking care of yourself with nourishment worthy of your oh so precious self can be simple and easy with a shift in your present “I am too busy” excuse that may be worthy of an Oscar if it has you truly convinced. If you would like to make it to the finale of your starring performance, (this lifetime) with coherent ability to appreciate your importance and potential, then decide now that you will schedule in time for yourself.

Time for planning your day, time for your fueling, time for your fitness, time for your
recreational enjoyment and time for rejuvenating your most precious possession–your

Nutrition is the focus of this discussion.

When properly fueled/nourished, humans have incredible capacity and staying power. However if we have blood sugar levels jumping all over the place, insulin production impeded or impaired, indigestion and the numerous other maladies associated with poor nutrition, then we are unable to function well, and we are more susceptible to various illnesses. New research has shown numerous diseases are directly related to our poor dietary habits, food intolerance and the chemicals found in many of our foods.

Some basics in the progression to a healthy dietary approach:

  • Get the importance of food! Author Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R. D. of Food and Mood tells us:“What we eat can affect whether we are happy, sad, irritable, moody, alert, calm, or sleepy.”
  • Overcome the love hate relationship – Let Food nourish and nurture you: think of food as a friend that picks you up when you are feeling low, like a warm shower when you are cold, a hot bath when you are feeling weary. It brings comfort and leaves energy, vitality and nourishment.
  • Plan for your daily eating just the way you plan your workday and personal errands. Map out healthy meals and snacks – the what, the when, and where you will be having them.
  • Assess your plan and the balance in your daily intake and physical/mental output. Take notice of how you are feeling and seek support and guidance if you recognize you need assistance. Plan to succeed with a baby step transition to eating better, feeling better, choosing better, performing better and as a combined result, looking and being better.
  • Overcome the ‘all or nothing’ approach! Let go of over-indulgence and/or deprivation. Instead practice the infamous ‘balance and moderation.’
  • Rebound from crashes and recognize your successes – every little one.
  • Eat a variety of fresh, clean nutritious foods, consciously consuming each bite. Proper fueling will change the quality and vitality of your life and the best way to realize this is to regularly fuel yourself with the best, highest octane foods you can obtain.

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, but that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anyone else deserve your love and affection.


Author: Teri Gentes.

Teri shares her wisdom heart-fully and lives what she teaches. With over 20 years experience, numerous certifications in the health/fitness industry, and as a Wholistic Nutritionist, she has devoted many years to study in psychology, consciousness and self awareness. Teri writes for health, wellness and consciousness magazines, appears on local TV shows, offers workshops and personal/group coaching/training sessions, and travels internationally as a speaker/presenter/educator. She has authored a few cookbooks, and has a number of additional writing projects on the go. Contact her at teri@terigentes.com Website: http://www.terigentes.com

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