How to Impact Lives with a Holistic Health Coach Certification

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Earning your certification as a holistic nutritionist can be a great opportunity to advance your career in the health and wellness field, but you’ll be doing more than expanding your professional prospects.

Becoming an advisor in holistic nutrition allows you to impact the lives of your clients in significant ways. Here are just a few that you can expect to see:

Disease Prevention

Achieving optimal wellness through better nutrition is a major boost for preventing a host of diseases, from certain types of cancer to diabetes and heart disease. The American Institute for Cancer Research has noted that diets revolving around whole plant foods — vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans — can have a significant effect on cutting cancer and disease risk.

Emotional and Mental Changes

While embracing the physical improvements that come from your coaching, clients are also likely to see significant changes in brain function, including emotional regulation. Harvard Medical School has noted that diets high in refined sugars and processed foods have been linked to impaired brain function and mood disorders like depression. That means the advice you provide for clients can definitely have a long-term impact on how they think and feel.

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Family-Wide Healthy Habits

As your clients change from a standard American diet to one that’s much more nourishing and healthy, they’ll likely get hooked on the physical and emotional benefits that come as a result.

Not only will that keep them on track, but chances are high that they’ll change their families lives as well. So, you won’t just have an impact on your client — your guidance will likely have an effect on your client’s spouse, kids, parents, grandparents, friends and others. When someone makes a positive change like adopting holistic nutrition, others naturally want to follow and garner their own advantages. That extends your reach well beyond just your client base.

Personal Growth

As they put your recommendations into practice, it’s likely that your clients will see a ripple effect on health that extends long past your consultations—that means you won’t just be impacting health in the short term, you’ll potentially be having an effect for a lifetime.

And that includes your own life as well. Getting a holistic health coach certification isn’t like checking off a to-do list item — it’s a journey of ongoing education that includes deepening your knowledge, staying up-to-date on research and trends, and putting what you’ve learned into practice in your own life.

The Holistic Nutrition Certification Program provides evidence-based training in holistic nutrition, whole foods and plant-based nutrition. Not only does that give you the ability to coach and consult, but it also gives your clients confidence in your insights and advice.

As you expand your client base, you’ll continue to learn about vital topics like disease prevention, optimal wellness and better health. That will impact both you and your clients in significant ways, for the long-term.

To learn more about AFPA certifications, including specifics on coursework, visit the AFPA website.

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