Why Diets Fail

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Why Diets Fail

Are you having a hard time coping with the challenges that often go along with trying a new diet to lose unwanted weight? Here are some of the common complaints about embarking on a new heathy diet.

I am not sure what diet plan is right for me. You are confused about what diet plan is sane, obtainable and will produce the results you are looking for. There are many diet plans to consider so do your research as to what will fit your goals and perhaps consult with a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.

I am not losing weight fast enough. You feel like your not shedding the unwanted weight as quickly as you hoped considering all the hard work your putting in. Regardless of what the scale says, how do your cloths fit and how are feeling? Ten chances to one you have more energy and your waistband is a bit looser.

I feel really full, bloated and uncomfortable from eating all these vegetables and fruits. The increased fiber content of these “new” foods into your daily diet may seem like your belly is getting larger however this too shall pass! The bloat is temporary and will yield to your consistency of your intake of healthy veggies and fruits.

I have no support from family, friends or coworkers. Sometimes friends, family members, and coworkers don’t share the same enthusiasm for your new direction to be more healthy and fit. Its okay – you are in control! Hangout and converse with other health minded people and connect with like-minded friends via email, text, or online. Be sure to treat yourself once you reached a milestone with things like a massage, new workout cloths or a healthy meal out.

I had a bad day and ate things I shouldn’t have and/or I just don’t feel like exercising. Lets get real, there will be days like these. We all have them. There will also be days when you’ll want to give up. Regroup and start fresh the next day. Your not perfect, nobody is. Try to keep healthy eating and an active lifestyle consistent – your results will be better.

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