7 Muscle Building Tips

Tips to Build Muscle

7 Muscle Building Tips

We all know that genetics are extremely important to muscle size and growth, however here are 7 muscle building tips that any guy or girl can follow to put on a some solid size.

  1. Lift weights! No really! You have to lift in order to expect to see results!
  2. Less is more! Keep your reps on the low end and try not to do more than 12-15 reps.
  3. You need to fail! Meaning, train until failure where you simply can’t do anther rep.
  4. Keeping pushing! Don’t stop and always push yourself to get stronger.
  5. Feed me! Your metabolism will quicken so remember to eat the good stuff for muscle growth: complex carbs, fruits and veg, animal proteins and plant fats.
  6. Don’t get too crazy! If you’re lifting weights more than 5 times per week, you’re risking overtraining.
  7. Cardio needs to step to the back of the line! If your goal is more muscle and size, cardio is not your friend. With your fast metabolism, you can’t afford to burning off additional calories.

These are just a few simple ideas that might help you in your goal to pack on a few pounds of muscle!

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