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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Health & Wellness Lover

Buying the right holiday gift can feel like a struggle, especially if you’re shopping for the person who seems to have everything. If you’re coming up short on holiday gift ideas for the health and wellness lover in your life, this list might serve as the inspiration you need to choose the perfect present.

1. Motiv Ring Tracker, $200

Is your friend passionate about tracking stats, but too fashion-forward to commit to a Fitbit watch? Consider gifting them a smart ring instead! The Motiv ring tracker is an unassuming fitness, heart rate and sleep tracker that can measure your activity level (intensity, duration, and distance), total steps, calories burned and more. Weighing less than a penny, this ring connects with the motive app to help you track your daily progress. You’ll get a three-day battery life, and the device is thoroughly waterproof.

2. Metal straws, $8

For the friend that’s passionate about doing their part for the environment, there’s no better stocking stuffer than a set of metal straws. These cute stainless steel straws have a bend to them, and each purchase includes a cleaner.

3. Gaiam Zafu Meditation Pillow, $38

Meditation becomes a more rewarding habit with this quality pillow that promotes proper posture and alignment throughout every session. The organic buckwheat filling has just the right amount of give, and the exterior cover can conveniently be zippered off for washing.

4. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $40

This ancient skin care treatment is gaining momentum again today for its ability to smooth and soothe skin to aid the functioning of the lymphatic system. And for those invested in Ayurvedic medicine, the rose quartz used in the roller is linked with the heart chakra.

5. Holistic Nutrition Course, $799

For your friend that’s passionate about furthering their education and helping others, it’s hard to top a Holistic Nutrition Course from AFPA. This course allows you to become certified in holistic nutrition in six months or less. It provides unprecedented, evidence-based training in holistic nutrition with a focus on whole foods and plant-based nutrition. Completing the course provides the professional certification necessary to coach, consult, and advise clients on how to live their best lives through better nutritional choices. When you gift this course, there’s no limit to the number of people your friend might someday help.

6. Prepd Pack Lunchbox, $69

The passionate meal prepper in your life will love this elegant lunch box that stores food perfectly. The uncompromisingly modern design consists of high-quality bamboo, modular containers, and magnetic cutlery.

7. YnM Weighted Blanket, $69.50

Cozy throws are a classic winter gift, but you can take your gift one step further by investing in a quality weighted blanket. The soothing heft of each blanket is proven to improve anxiety, stress, and insomnia in kids and adults alike. Buy them a weighted blanket that’s approximately ten percent of their body weight, and your friend will start experiencing the benefits of better sleep.

8. Slip Silk Sleep Mask, $11

It’s hard to top the gift of a good night’s sleep, and this simple silk sleep mask will get you close. Thick and luxurious, this sleep mask blocks out harsh light, making it easier to sleep throughout the night and wake up refreshed.

9. Palais des Thes Le Nomade Tea Maker On The Go, $33

Give the tea enthusiast in your life a gift they’ll cherish with the Le Nomade tea maker from Palais des Thes. This thermos offers an ingenious filter that lets you store tea in a separate compartment to allow for controlled or continuous filtering to get the exact brew strength you want with minimal fuss. The non-leak lockable lid will give you peace of mind during transportation as well.

10. Sakara Life 10-Day Reset Kit, $195

Help your friend with her goal of a cleaner, plant-based 2019 with this 10-day reset kit. The kit comes complete with over 20 recipes that a nutritionally optimized for wellness, as well as a beauty water concentrate, daily probiotic blend, detox tea and energy bars for keeping you on track. The products are designed to work together to support physical functioning, clear up skin, and boost energy levels. It’s guaranteed to be a hit.


11. Moleskine Smart Writing Set, $199

For the friend who loves to make bold goals and follow through, the Moleskine Smart Writing set will keep her organized like never before. When you take notes with this special pen and notebook, a copy gets sent to the connected smartphone app, making it ideal for tracking wellness goals, grocery store lists, and more.

12. BlenderBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker, $25

Let your friend have a luxury protein shake experience with this eye-catching copper bottle blender. Not only does the revolutionary design keep drinks refreshingly cold, but the BlenderBall® wire whisk makes it almost effortless to blend up even the thickest ingredients, ensuring that your post-workout fuel is only a sip away.

13. Microplane Herb Mill, $25

Help your friends start a healthy 2019 with less sodium with this stainless steel herb mill that makes quick work of processing fresh herbs to turn your dinner gourmet instantly. The mill is made of durable stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, and the clear interior makes it easier to see results.

14. Myro Deodorant Subscription, Price Varies

Gifting someone a deodorant subscription might sound unglamorous, but hear us out! Myro deodorant relies only on natural scents and ingredients like barley powder to mask body odors- no aluminum included! Best of all, the company cuts down on plastic waste by sending a refillable case and letting you pop in new deodorant when it runs out.

15. Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription, Price Varies

The smoothie addict in your life will appreciate this gift subscription long after the holidays. Daily Harvest Smoothie sends frozen packs of premeasured smoothie ingredients (as well as soups and wellness bowls). A few minutes in the blender is all they require, and you’ll have an ultra-healthy, full-flavored smoothie for less than you’d pay at Starbucks.

16. Elements Truffles Chocolate Bars with Turmeric, $20 for a three pack

Even wellness enthusiasts need some chocolate during the holidays, and Elements truffle chocolate bars will not disappoint. These bars are flavored with sea salt and a generous serving of turmeric to provide well-balanced flavoring that doesn’t leave you feeling too full. Each bar contains only natural ingredients like raw honey and cacao powder.

17. Bulu Box Subscription, $10/box

Does your friend have a fascination with trying new wellness products? An annual subscription of Bulu boxes might be the perfect gift. Each box comes with samples of health and wellness products, including healthy snacks, workout equipment, and even gym gift cards. Any products that seem like winners can then be purchased at full size.

18. Body Back Buddy, $22

Sore backs are the bane of modern existence, but not everyone can afford a weekly massage to ease the discomfort. You can gift your friend the next best thing with this Back Buddy. Its unique design lets you access every pressure point in your back to locate and relieve knots and spasms.

19. Hutzler Produce Saver, Prices Range

Fruits and vegetables always seem to spoil before you can get to them so that you can save a friend some money this year with a collection of Hutzler produce savers. Ranging in cute shapes from green peppers to onions and grapefruit, each container will extend the life of partially used produce.

20. Taylor Bluetooth Scale, $39

Knowing your weight isn’t enough information for a scale to share these days, and the Taylor Bluetooth scale takes things one step further by sharing details about your estimated body fat percentage, calorie analysis and more. Best of all, all your stats are shared directly with your smartphone for easy record keeping.

21. Anthropologie Apron, $34

For the friend who’s committed to spending more time cooking next year, it’s hard to argue with the thrill of a receiving a cute apron as a Christmas gift. Anthropologie offers an extensive collection in numerous prints, meaning you might end up buying one for yourself as well!

22. Zyliss Vegetable Steamer, $12

Steaming your veggies is one of the healthiest ways to eat them, and this high-quality steamer makes the process easier than ever. The foldable diameter makes it perfect for both large or small portions, and it collapses down into itself for easy storage.

Did your favorite wellness gift idea not make the list? Share it in the comments below!


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