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Factors Affecting Muscular Strength

By Chad Tackett | Feb 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

I am often asked why one person develops strength and muscle faster than another when he or she is performing the same exercises and followong a similar strength training workout program. Many people feel that they must be doing something wrong because they aren’t getting the same results, muscular strength or muscular development as another person. It’s important to realize that there are six primary factors affecting every individual’s ability to achieve strength and muscle development, and we have little or no control over most of them. 

I am often asked why one person develops strength and muscle faster than another when he or she is performing the same exercises, following the same training program.

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Closed Chain Exercise For Legs and Knees

By Gerardo | Jan 31, 2017 8:00:00 AM

One interesting idea in exercise and rehabilitation divides exercises into closed chain and open chain. Chains are links of body parts, such as foot, ankle, knee, and hip during walking. In a closed chain the end of the chain farthest from the body is fixed, such as a squat where your feet are fixed and the rest of the leg chain moves. In open chains the end is free, such as in a seated leg extension.

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The Seven Most Common Factors in Premature Aging

By Vivian Rivera | Jan 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Aging is the natural process of growing older. Yet there are many factors that play a role in whether we age gracefully or if we are the one out of two people who age faster than our biological age.

More than half of us look older than we really are because we either engage in behaviors that increase our aging, or we do not actively support a more youthful body through inaction. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about fighting the aging process, the more control you can take toward maintaining a healthier, younger body and mind.

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You May Be Suffering From Hormonal Imbalance

By Karen F. Riley | Jan 3, 2017 8:00:00 AM

It began as some minor bloating the day before my menstrual period started. Then came the headaches. Finally, a few days of minor discomfort turned into something that I had to plan my schedule around because of my symptoms.

I was not alone. Jane* suffered from backaches and headaches so severe that she had to take off from work. Susan developed cravings for sugary and salty foods and began having breakthrough bleeding and bleeding mid-cycle. These symptoms have been classified as PMS - premenstrual syndrome. Frequently dismissed by doctors as “normal” hormonal fluctuations and scoffed at on bumper stickers and advertisements; PMS has become widely accepted.

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Bad Discs and Sciatica: How To Fix Them Yourself

By Dr. Jolie Bookspan | Dec 13, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Article By: Dr. Jolie Bookspan

Dr Bookspan is a military researcher. Harvard School of Medicine clinicians have named her “The St. Jude of the Joints.” A degenerating disc, or one that is slipped (herniated) can be painful and frightening. Despite the fact that discs usually can heal quickly and easily, people are commonly told that a disc problem is a difficult and long-term condition.

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Does Zinc Really Cure the Common Cold?

By AFPA Nutrition | Oct 11, 2014 3:27:00 PM

Does zinc cure the common cold?  This is a common, and serious question these days, as many people have colds and are looking for anything that will help.  The answer is No.  Zinc is a non soluble metal consisting of two zinc atoms sharing a pair of electrons that is used in industry to galvanize steel.

However, one atom of zinc with its 2+ electrical charge is water soluble. It combines with 4 to 8 molecules of water to form hydrated, or solution, zinc ions carrying a 2+ charge. Unlike the metal zinc, solution zinc ions (Zn2+ ions) have powerful, and strongly beneficial effects on upper respiratory infections (rhinovirus common colds). Rhinoviruses, one of the five genera of the picornavirus RNA virus family of which much is known, are now known to be the cause of the great majority of colds.

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Core Essentials: Beyond Ab & Back Routines

By Carol Murphy | Sep 15, 2014 2:52:03 PM

Getting a strong core means moving beyond a simple ab and back routine and incorporating exercises that develop a strong core, and a strstable power center. Your core is your engine of control through life.  A strong base of support at the core of the body allows for better transfer of forces to the extremities when we are lifting, throwing, kicking, swinging, running, etc.. To truly train the core, a deeper understanding of core essentials including both the inner and outer musculature is necessary.

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Blood Type Diet Review

By AFPA Fitness | Apr 2, 2014 9:36:00 AM

Why the Blood Type Diet may be just another fad.

A systematic review finds no evidence to support the blood type diet and the notion that people should choose diets based on their blood type.  It was Adolf Hitler who coined a propaganda technique he called, “The Big Lie,” arguing that people may be more likely to believe 

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Breast Cancer and Wine

By AFPA Fitness | Mar 24, 2014 9:19:00 AM

Should I be drinking wine if I have Cancer?

After diagnosis, women with breast cancer may cut their risk of dying nearly in half by just instituting simple, modest lifestyle changes—5 or more servings of fruits and veggies a day and walking 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. But what about preventing breast cancer in the first place?

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Older Adults: Build Muscle to Live Longer

By AFPA Fitness | Mar 19, 2014 12:23:00 PM

Older Adults: Build Muscle to Live Longer

New UCLA research suggests that the more muscle mass older adults have, the less likely they are to die prematurely. The findings add to the growing evidence that overall body composition — and not the widely used body mass index, or BMI — is

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