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Your clients and athletes demand and deserve customized, adaptable solutions when injury or chronic pain impairs movement and performance. Known for its whole-body approach to fitness, Pilates is the perfect way to help your patients recover, rehabilitate, and reach their goals.

With Pilates for Rehabilitation, you will learn how to apply proven Pilates methods to address dysfunction and help your patients achieve optimal performance. Renowned instructor and physical therapist Samantha Wood provides detailed descriptions of the most effective exercises for rehabilitating and healing injuries, improving functional strength, promoting efficient movement, and managing pain.

In addition to step-by-step instructions for Pilates apparatus and mat work, you will learn the indications and contraindications of each exercise and the primary muscles involved so you can determine when the exercise is appropriate for each client. Modifications and progressions allow for adaptation of exercises based on the stage of rehabilitation or the severity of the injury or condition being treated. Suggested exercise protocols, organized by common orthopedic injuries in anatomical regions, offer the flexibility to tailor a program to the specific needs of each client.

Authoritative yet accessible, Pilates for Rehabilitation paves the road to recovery. Recommended by BASI Pilates and full of the latest research, proven exercises, and expert advice, this is the ultimate rehabilitation guide.

This course would be beneficial for the following:
Rehabilitation professionals, athletic trainers, physical therapists and physiotherapists, physical therapy assistants, and chiropractors; also a reference for personal trainers and Pilates teachers seeking to incorporate exercises into their clients’ programs to optimize function.

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Kate R.
great course

great course

Gia A.
Pilates for rehabilitation

It’s very informative course I am learning a lot.

We're so glad Pilates for Rehabilitation is informative and enjoyable to you Gia!

Leticia W.
Pilates for rehabilitation review

The Pilates for rehabilitation review course was very informative. The book explained information very well and it was very detailed with photos of exercises. I highly recommend this course.

Leticia - we are so glad to hear this about your Pilates for Rehabilitation!

Christine S.
This certificate provided me with

This certificate provided me with the valuable tools that I needed, to help my clients feel less pain. Every exercise is performed and modified, to target the specific areas of either an injury, a muscular degeneration, or just weak Core muscles. Overall wellness is very important, and my online business has increased in volume, because everyone can benefit from my classes.

Christine, we are happy to hear your Pilates for Rehabilitation experience was so informative and felt specifically helpful in so many ways!

Laura S.
CEC Recertification/Pilates for Rehabilitation

This book gave me good knowledge overall on the contraindications on the Reformer, Cadillac, and the Wunda Chair. I felt some of the alignment suggestions for the Mat Pilates were a little outdated and/or lacking. There are several more possible contraindications for some of the mat exercises. I noticed this from my clientele who have many orthopedic conditions including myself having stenosis in my cervical and lumbar spine. I have to give my clients many more options on modifications.

Laura, it was so great to receive your stellar review of Pilates for Rehabilitation!! Thank you the feedback on alignment materials.

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