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Insane, But True Facts About Juicing

Can drinking juices increase your metabolism?  Drinking the juice from fruits and vegetables is an easy way of feeding the body with what it really needs, nutrients. When you drink juices, you drink the energy from live food. This energy will be used rather than stored, which tends to happen with high cooked or processed foods.

Juices are raw foods and they contain plenty of enzymes that really speed up your metabolism. These enzymes are destroyed during cooking and that is the biggest difference between a cooked and a raw meal regarding your metabolism. The plant enzymes join together with your own digestive system enzymes to promote the speed of your metabolism. Cooked foods take longer to digest and therefore tend to be stored in our body as fat. Raw food, and especially fresh juices, are digested very easily. This will lead to a slimmer you in no time.

When giving your body all the nutrients in a liquid form (juice), you help the digestive system and you save energy. Have you ever felt tired, even sleepy after a big, cooked meal? I know, that is because your body needs to deal with the cooked food and your system has to divert resources and energy into the digestive process. This happens by rerouting more blood away from other parts of the body into the digestive system.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, a juicing lifestyle and a partly raw food lifestyle is the very best choice.

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What not to do for your metabolism?

The biggest no-no for your metabolism is skipping meals and a lot of people actually do. Their days often go like this: ‘Your day starts with a lot of good intentions and you skip breakfast. For lunch you are still on track and eat something small but by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you are starved and what do you do? Right, you go for all the bad stuff.’

Skipping meals is key for slowing down your metabolism, your body will think there is a famine and will start to slow down its metabolic rate. On top of that, whatever you will eat next, will be stored as fat because your body is clever and stores up for future famines.

Can drinking juices make you lose weight?

I myself came to a point where I could not lose any more weight. I discovered that my body was filled up with toxins and my very clever body protected me by storing these toxins inside my fat cells. So all the fat I could not lose was there to protect me. I should have been happy, but of course I was not. I had to find a way to lose the fat and therefore the toxins in a healthy way.

I discovered juicing. I want on a juice cleanse and guess what? Yes, I started to lose the weight. How did that happen? Well by giving these juices to my body, not only did i get loads of nutrition, my digestive system didn’t have to work as hard since the nutrition from the juice was absorbed directly into my system. I was now working WITH my body and I provided everything it needed in a form that was easy to digest.

So where does all the energy go that your digestive system used to digest hard meats, strong dairy products, and heavy bread? It goes back to you, and your body will have the energy to start healing itself, it will start by eliminating the toxins out of your body and as you know those toxins are stored inside your fat cells so you start shedding the weight at a very fast speed.

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Tanja Michiels is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach. She helps overweight people and who really need someone who understands them. She helps her clients reach healthy solution and get on the highway to a healthier lifestyle. You may visit Tanja at ‘Living on Juices and More’ .

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