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Three Resources Every Aspiring Yoga Instructor Needs Now

Anyone who is a yoga instructor – or is an aspiring yoga instructor – knows that they have a dream job. The only problem with being a yoga instructor used to be a lack of resources and info on the Internet. However, the field is growing by leaps and bounds – and this means more resources. In fact, there are now so many resources for yoga instructors that you can pick and choose only the very best. Read on to find out the best online resources for both beginning and established yoga instructors!

Download Books Written Just for Yoga Instructors and Aspiring Yoga Instructors

One of the best things about the digital age is that you can download new reading material in seconds. Even better, you can take it nearly anywhere with you. The following books are written just for yoga instructors (and aspiring yoga instructors) and they are available on the Kindle device, Kindle app for your phone, or the Kindle app for your tablet.

Yoga Anatomy: This is a must-have for any yoga instructor. This best selling book explains exactly how the asana and vinyasa breathing patterns impact the body, complete with color diagrams. It also covers the principles behind yoga movements. 

Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes: Whether you’re a newbie or a highly experienced teacher, one of the biggest challenges for many yoga instructors is class sequencing. This book focuses on designing and leading yoga classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced.


Join a Group of Yoga Instructors

Even if you’re the only yoga instructor in your entire area, you can still join a group of other instructors thanks to online forums like Yoga Forums. Forums are free to join and participation is easy. Just sign in to the forum to discuss a wide range of yoga-centric topics like meditation, spirituality, breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, healthy diet, and leading yoga classes. Forums provide a nice mix of professionals (yoga instructors) and non-professionals, which helps you keep up with what your students want as well as what other instructors are doing. 

Online Certifications for Yoga Instructors

One of the most effective ways for any yoga instructor to advance their career and expand their client base is gaining certifications. These certifications are now available in an online class format through American Fitness Professionals & Associates.

You can enroll in a Yoga Instructor Certification course easily online.  Choosing online education has some advantages that brick and mortar classrooms just can’t offer, especially if you are an avid Yoga participant; however it is a good idea to get as much classroom experience as possible:

 – Busy schedule? Not a problem – you can take the course and final exam at your own pace. 

 – The certification class includes all the materials that will be needed for the duration of the class. This includes textbooks as well as detailed instructional DVDs that illustrate proper yoga teaching techniques. 

– With a Yoga Instructor Level 1 certification, you are prepared to further your fitness education if desired or get related certifications like the Pilates Fitness Instructor Certification to expand career opportunities even further.

Want more guidance? Check out our free guide to making a career change in the health and wellness industry.


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