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Top 5 Apps for Personal Trainers and Health Coaches

As a certified personal trainer or health coach, you are in the business of improving people’s lives. It is rewarding and invigorating, but also comes with challenges. How can you stay on top of the individual needs and progress of each client? Many clients come to you because they need help overcoming the obstacles to making positive, lasting changes in their lives – how do you keep them motivated? How do you manage a growing business?

A simple, powerful, and effective solution – technology. No more spreadsheets, floating client files, and paperwork; try one of the top personal trainer apps and health coaches to streamline your workflow and improve client engagement.

The best apps for professional coaches will help you to:

  • Be more productive
  • Stay on top of clients’ progress
  • Attract and manage more clients
  • Increase your revenue
  • Improve your relationship with your clients

The following list includes the best available applications in terms of functionality and efficiency. These trainer and coaching apps were designed for the needs of the professional in mind.

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Source: The Training Notebook

1. The Training Notebook

In terms of ease-of-use and practical features, The Training Notebook app is a great choice. It is also affordable with a one-time download fee of $14.99, which makes it great for independent trainers and health coaches who want to improve their business without a monthly fee. It is meant to allow professionals to run their entire business from their iPads.


What does The Training Notebook do? It allows you to keep track of client’s contact info, programs, and progress. This app comes with an assessment feature full with images, graphs, and measurements, an appointment calendar, and a simple, straightforward workout builder. You can create specific fitness programs, develop templates to use with multiple clients, and make changes to improve sessions. It even has an interval timer feature to help with sessions.

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2. Trainer Fu

With features that allow for client engagement, Trainer Fu has the potential to elevate your career as a personal trainer or health coach. You pay a monthly fee, depending on how many clients you have. Your clients can download the app for free. The creators of this personal trainer app allow you to try it out for free for 21 days.

With Trainer Fu, you can keep track of each client – jotting down notes, creating customized programs, and keeping track of progress with dynamic assessments. Even more importantly, you get to stay connected with your clients. This will help to forge healthy and productive relationships that will support your clients’ efforts and help them to stay motivated.

  • You can track client’s workouts as they log their training
  • With a food log feature, you can also keep track of clients’ diets
  • The news feed feature allows both clients and trainers to leave feedback
  • The chat feature allows clients to have their questions answered by you in real-time
  • A database of exercises with videos provides the necessary instructions for clients to workout on their own

personal trainer appsSource:  Wiki Commons 

3. FitSW

The personal trainer app FitSW is similar to TrainerFu as it includes features to let you stay in contact with you clients. Clients can input their workouts, diet, and health data to keep you up-to-date with their progress. This type of engagement encourages clients to stay inspired, which will greatly improve your client retention rate. You also have the ability to develop catered fitness programs, including instructional videos. Another useful feature of this personal trainer and coaching app is the scheduling calendar, which allows you to easily keep track of your appointments.

FitSW doesn’t come with the chat and newsfeed features of TrainerFu, but it is also a much more affordable option. It is available for free for up to five clients. For up to 30 clients, it is available for $1.99 per month.

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4. Coach Pro

This app was designed for all types of coaching professionals. Although it does not have the specific features of a fitness app – you cannot develop a workout program or track clients weight loss progress for example, you do get all the essentials for organizing and managing your training or coaching business with one, convenient, affordable application. Coach Pro has a one-time $9.99 download fee.

With this app you can store client information, keep track of appointments with a calendar, follow client progress through your own personal notes, record session notes via voice, and manage your billing records. It is ideal for professionals who could improve their business with an app for business organization and management, but prefer another medium for training program development.

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5. My Best Studio

This is the personal fitness coaching and health coach mega app. It is designed for professionals who already have a large client base, or perhaps manage or work with other professionals. While more expensive than the other top apps, this is the program that does everything and will allow your business to really grow.

My Best Studio streamlines scheduling, sales transactions, online booking, and new client sign-ups. It even allows you to stay on top of your revenue streams so you can see where your income is coming from and how it changes over time. If you have multiple staff members or a number of revenue streams such as products, workshops, and classes on top of training or coaching sessions, then this is a wonderful app to facilitate a dynamic and thriving business.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been revamped and updated for comprehensiveness.


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