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Top 10 Fitness Consultants on Twitter

When it comes to incorporating fitness into our daily lives, we could use a little help. Twitter is a great tool for the dissemination of fitness information and chockfull of tweets from fitness consultants, but there are a few who really hit the mark. Here’s a list of the top 10 fitness consultants to follow on Twitter!

Amie Hoff is an experienced fitness consultant on Twitter and founder of It’s total fitness in a kit. She’s driven to inspire and empower others. Her human and friendly approach to health and fitness are likely the reason for her 5,000+ followers. According to Amie, the best six doctors for health and fitness are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.

Catalyst Training is training studio in Ontario, Canada with movement experts, therapists and fitness consultants. Follow its hashtags and get the skinny on all types of topics, such as how to count macros, healthy recipes straight from the garden and how to reach your gym goals. These consultants cover everything about fitness, from A to Z.

Ashley Borden is the fitness consultant and personal trainer of Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera and Natasha Bedingfield. Follow her on Twitter and get tips on rolling out quads and tricep exercises. She’s also a big fan of the “Rolling Out” technique using PVC pipe to tone muscles.

Orla Hopkins is a dancer and fitness consultant on a mission to help others stay fit and healthy. She tweets tips on how to eat healthy and even features neat looking workout gear. Look great while you’re working out. Even read inspirational quotes to help you reach your workout goals. Get motivated and get moving with her tweets. When it comes to twerps, she takes a no-nonsense approach.


Join in with Jason Linse on Twitter. This fitness club franchise owner is a fitness consultant with a real passion. He enjoys imparting knowledge on how to eat right and exercise right. This fitness consultant lives by the motto, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Caroline Pearce is quite the multi-talented professional, appearing as a TV sports host, correspondent, and fitness consultant. She does an excellent job of not only providing fitness tips and #MoveOftheDay, but helpful videos that demonstrate the correct way to perform the exercises she loves. 

Mike describes himself as a fitness consultant and life changer, and has the following on Twitter to show for it. He’s very responsive with his clients’ and followers’ questions, so don’t be shy about reaching out with questions about improving your workouts. 

The folks at Health Habits in Toronto describe themselves as fitness, health and social media geeks, which is a pretty perfect combiation of talents and interests if you ask me. They provide lots of isnightful videos and a wealth of information, including but not limited to nutrition tips, “how to” articles and mental health insights. 

Bryan O’Rourke has over 355,000 followers and is on the list of the 2015 Top Fitness Consultants to follow on Twitter. He’s been a part of the Twitter community for more than seven years. Follow his tweets for innovative solutions for health and fitness along with a few good laughs. He’s always got something fun and helpful to share.

John Romaniello is a self-proclaimed “fitness bro-thaurity.” You’ll find his tweets at the intersection of tech start-up culture and personal training. This is due to his role as the founder of Roman Fitness Systems. Romaniello keeps his tweets real and straight to the point.


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