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The Up-and-Coming Personal Trainer Instagram Accounts We’re Loving Right Now

You’ve probably heard by now that social media can grow your personal training business. But what about using Instagram for fitness and workout inspiration? If you ever feel like you’re stuck in a workout rut, try following some fitness trainer accounts to help spark creativity for you and your clients.

Here are 10 up-and-coming fitness accounts we’re loving right now: 

1. @mariepurvis 

Marie has been in the personal training business for over 16 years, helping her clients of all fitness levels reach their potential. Her Instagram is a solid blend of positive encouragement and ready-to-try workouts.

2. @lukewtraining  

Luke puts proper alignment and body strengthening at the forefront of his practice. As a physiotherapist, he primarily works with athletes that are overcoming injury. He practices the treatment, Postural Restoration, which is a holistic approach that integrates muscle and skeletal alignment, arch support, and breathing to improve postural adaptations.


3. @louisegreen_bigfitgirl 

Louise is on a mission to make fitness feel inclusive to all shapes and bodies. She has become a public figure, speaking at events such as TEDx  and being featured in the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

4. @fit_pham 

Denver-based Chi, keeps it real with frequent #realtalk prompts and Instagram vs reality shots, reminding her community that not everything you see on instagram is an accurate depiction of real life. She integrates healthy nutrition tips with actionable fitness prompts to her followers.

5. @getfitwithgiddy 

Scroll through Gideon Akande’s Instagram, and you’ll find his passion for health and fitness to be palpable. This charismatic fitness instructor provides tons of workout content for followers to try at home or at their gym.


6. @taralondon

This dancer turned personal trainer, Tara London trains fitness clients during the day and blogs about nutrition and wellness at night. Her feed provides followers with valuable video workouts and mouth watering food pictures. 

7. @upyourfitness

Having torn his pectoral muscle weightlifting, Mike Marchese became attracted to Calisthenics. His Instagram is filled with unconventional ways to get a solid body-weight workout in, providing unique inspiration for your next workout. 

8. @elisebodyshop

Elise encourages her followers and clients to embrace the journey of fitness, not the destination. Her feed is almost entirely workout videos, both done outdoors and at the gym.

9. @tamsgoinham

When Tamara Pridgett isn’t editing articles for Popsugar Fitness, she is working with her personal training clients, running marathons, or hiking around New York. In addition to her regular clients, she also works with pre-and post natal mothers.

10. @barbellblondie 

Body positive fitness is Natalie Careys mission and passion. As a former ballerina, she struggled with body image anxiety and eventually turned to personal training. Now she helps her clients and followers feel good in whatever skin they’re in while reaching their fitness goals.

With over 800 million people on Instagram, it’s an ideal place to find fitness inspiration for your personal training business. Look for accounts that provide actionable fitness tips and tricks that can easily be incorporated into your clients overall fitness plan.



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