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Your Summer Exercise Bucket List

Break out of your normal workout routine and celebrate the start of summer with our summer bucket list. Whether you hope to tone your body this summer or just soak up the sun and try out new activities, we have you covered.

The Ultimate Summer Exercise Bucket List

Fall in love with running

This summer, challenge yourself to a 5k or better yet, a half marathon. The best part? You don’t have to train all year like you do for a full marathon while still benefiting from similar results. If you’re not a fan of running on the pavement, give trail running a go. Trail running is a perfect workout for those who seek adventure off-the-beaten path. Trails are often much softer than pavement which is a huge bonus for any runner that suffers from shin splints or IT band syndrome.

Try stand-up paddleboarding

Stand-up paddeboarding, aka SUP was all the rage these past few summers, and this year shows no sign of slowing down either. If you’re already a fan of cross-training routines that test your balance and challenge your core, then SUP will definitely be up your alley. This is a perfect summer workout that not only challenges the body, but provides a scenic view of the horizon and the relaxing ambiance of the water.


Go hiking

Hitting the trail this summer helps to build muscle, clear your head and invites in the fresh air. What better way to challenge your body then with a moderate-intensity hike at your favorite park, mountain or nearby trail. An hour hike can burn over 350 calories and will challenge and tone your muscles when you’re trekking on an incline. Take your training up a notch by bringing other trainers and your clients, pack a healthy lunch and have fun.

Go outdoor rock-climbing

Climbing hundreds of feet up along a rock wall can be intimidating, but if you’re a thrill seeker you should definitely add outdoor rock-climbing to your bucket list. If height is the intimidating factor, consider bouldering. According to The New York Times, bouldering is climbing in popularity. “…in recent years, another, younger type of climbing — called bouldering — has opened the sport to a far wider group of participants and spectators. Bouldering requires no ropes because it centers on short climbs, usually up to 18 feet and lasting no more than five minutes. It is easier in many places to find a low rock to climb than it is to find a giant cliff.”

Kick some major butt

Sign up for a boxing class—or 10.”…the sport known for black eyes and bloody noses is now the workout of choice for the industry’s most prized faces, with new examples of young women sweating it out with jabs and blocks every single day,” writes the staff at well+Good. Plus, it gets you in crazy shape from head-to-toe, so what’s not to love? If boxing isn’t your forte, get your friends or family together and sign up for an obstacle course raise, such as the Spartan Race, but don’t forget to get in insane shape before then.

Take advantage of summer freebies

Metropolitan cities, like New York City, are celebrating the season with free outdoor workouts. Events like The Rise and Game On’s Summer Block Party Series—just to name a couple—are giving you the opportunity to take some of your favorite workout classes outside, all at no charge. If you don’t live in a Metropolitan city, don’t worry. There are plenty of options for taking advantage of summer freebies, check out local events calendars to find opportunities in your area.

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